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Loading is a feature in Candy Crush Saga. It loads the entire game, levels or goes into Dreamworld.


Loading Bar-0

Loading Bar

CCS splash 37

Loading Screen (Facebook)

Wheel Loading

Wheel Loading

The first time you start the game, a Loading Screen appears accompanied by a loading bar. Each paragraph of % will appear the inscription different, namely:

  • 15% : Adding Frosting
  • 33% : Measuring Sugar
  • 50% : Heating Oven
  • 66% : Sampling Candy Mix
  • 83% : Polishing
  • 100% : Candy Complete!

Splash texts were introduced as of the release of Marmalade Meadow. It appears at the top left.

Once you enter a level, it must also load the levels then you can play. It was a circle with pink-white stripes turning constantly.


King Screenshot

Loading Screen (Mobile)

It appears as an orange screen with the logo of and the flashing "Loading..." in the middle of screen. It appears when starting the game or starting a level in a different episode. Recently, it only shows the King logo.


  • If your computer or internet is slow (Flash only), it may cause consequences, such as:
    • The entire game cannot load. Instead, it is stuck on a percentage part.
    • You cannot play a level.
    • You are stuck in Reality to Dreamworld transition, and vice versa.
  • On Flash, the screen takes place around Bubblegum Bridge, Salty Canyon, and Easter Bunny Hills. Peppermint Palace can be seen at the extreme top left.