Luscious Lagoon Map

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Episode 70
World (Flash) 14
World (HTML5) 14
Levels 1026-1040
Characters Hippo
Champion title Divine Diver
New features Two-layered Dark Chocolate (unofficial)
Fixed Blue
Fixed Green
Fixed colours in Liquorice Lock new
Non-spawning colour Lucky Candy Red in One-layered Sugar Chest (unofficial)
Release date Web - 24 June 2015
Smartphone icon - 8 July 2015
Difficulty Somewhat Easy
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Luscious Lagoon is the 70th episode of Candy Crush Saga and the first episode of World Fourteen. This episode was released on 24 June 2015. The champion title for this episode is Divine Diver.


Note: From this episode and continuing through every subsequent episode, all cutscenes are completely static.

  • For episode openers, the static cutscene lasts longer as if it is an opening cutscene, and you have a choice of skipping it (though it only lasts a few seconds).
  • The character's problem can only be seen in the map screen.
    • All of the above only applies to Flash version.

Before Episode:
Tiffi gives a summery drink to Hippo, having relaxed under the sun.

New thingsEdit

  • Two-layered Dark Chocolate is unofficially introduced in level 1027, due to redesigning.
  • Blue candies are fixed to appear at the start for the first time in level 1039.
    • It's also the first level where fixed candy colour appear in liquorice locks.
    • After the redesign of level 1000, it's also the first level where green candies are fixed.
  • Non-spawning colour lucky candies appear in sugar chests for the first time in level 1030, due to redesigning.


Reality 70 Background
This episode contains levels 1026-1040.

Luscious Lagoon has five somewhat hard levels: 1032, 1033, 1036, 1037 and 1040. However, other levels are relatively easy. Overall, this is a somewhat easy episode, with a mean of 3.33, and it is easier than the previous episode, Tasty Treasury.

Target score new Jelly new Ingredient drop new Objective new Mixed new
0 7 5 2 1
The easiest :
Level 1038
The hardest :
Level 1032
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
5 10
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop levels
Objective new Level 1032 Objective new Level 1039 Jelly new Level 1040
Lockedhard Hexagon levels

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

0 3 2 2 3 5 0 0 0 0 0



  • The episode's pathway and colour is that of Soda Swamp's pathway.
  • This is the seventh episode in Reality that does not need tickets to go on to the next episode.
  • This episode continues the trend of having no text in its story. It is the 27th episode in this trend.
  • If you look at the background closely, there is Odus at the left of the sea.
  • This episode continues the trend of having no cake bombs and UFOs.
  • This episode brought back toffee tornadoes in level 1039, after having been absent again for 93 levels. It was the latest level to ever have have a toffee tornado, until they were removed.
  • After this episode is released, sound of buttons in Sugar Drop were reset on Facebook.
  • This episode starts a trend whose cutscene is completely static. All further episodes also have completely static cutscenes.
    • It also starts a trend where a character will only show its problem on pathway icon, though this only applies to Flash version.
  • This episode shares its first word with Luscious Lane and Luscious Landing.
  • Even though this is the 70th episode, the hardest levels are "Somewhat Hard".
  • On Facebook, this was the last episode released in the first half of 2015.
  • This episode's background, map texture and story is reused for Wonky Waters.
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