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Magic Mort
Character EP38.png
Gender Male
First appearance Jelly-Wagon.png
Problem Jelly Wagon: He gets fruits and vegetables (cropsies from Farm Heroes Saga) instead of candy after a magic trick.
Solution Jelly Wagon: Tiffi makes the candy reappear.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Candy Caravan

Magic Mort (also known as Franky) is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a magician and encountered in the 38th episode, Jelly Wagon. Before introducing level 546, he tries to make the candy disappear and reappear on the table, but the only thing he ever gets are fruits and vegetables (cropsies from Farm Heroes Saga). After completing level 560Tiffi comes and helps out Franky, satisfying him.

In the 122nd episode, Bonbon Beanstalk, his hat got stuck from the clouds. Tiffi grows a candy beanstalk to retrieve his hat from the clouds.

In the 147th episode, Candy Countdown, he is going to perform an amazing trick - but he forgot to light his rocket. Tiffi fires up the fuse so everyone can enjoy a spectacular show at the end of the year.

In the 163rd episode, Crispy Clearing, his candy cane sword broke from the chocolate rock when Tiffi uses saw.

In the 187th episode, Tacky Tent, when he was doing magic with Tiffi, suddenly jelly starts to come out from his hat.

In the 205th episode, Fondue Fort, he was performing magic at the fort when he accidentally lost control and turned the fort into fondue. Tiffi catapults strawberries at the fort and plugs it shut in style.

In the 251st episode, Candy Circus, he performs at the circus, along with Tiffi, who is holding two lollies.

In the 287th episode, Cinnamon City, Tiffi visits him in his new castle in the desert.

In the 38th Dreamworld episode, Charming Carnival, he pulls a carrot, and Benny jumps out of his hat and grabs it.


  • His suit is brown and white in Jelly Wagon, but it's purple and green in Charming Carnival.
  • In the A Magic Trick weekend event, his hat is missing.
  • He also appears in the weekly Magic Dash event on mobile.