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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

Note: Please do NOT remove the Flash version related content. The content is still remaining as an archive.

The navigator is located in the bottom right

Map Navigator button

Map Navigator is a feature in Candy Crush Saga that allows for quick navigation between worlds. Located in the bottom right corner in a collapsed state, expanding it will bring up a miniature version of the world they are currently on, with their current position highlighted in a square box. At the top and bottom of the navigator are clouds with up and down arrows, allowing the players to instantly switch to the next or previous world respectively.

There is also a pink home icon which, when pressed, will allow the players to immediately travel on the map back to the most recent level they're on.

This feature is exclusive to the Flash version of Candy Crush. Mobile users will have to manually scroll up and down the map to navigate between worlds, which can be quite long for advanced players.


  • This feature was removed completely from the Flash version on September 14, 2020.