Marmalade guards special candies. It's sticky! Get worth it!

—Splash text in Flash


Marmalade covers candies. It's easy to remove but you might get sticky!

—Splash text in HTML5

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Marmalade is a quite common blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is officially introduced in the 14th episode, Caramel Cove, though it first appears in level 70 (unofficial release). Marmalade is translucent, has a brown jelly in appearance, and is shiny, glimmering every few seconds (on web versions only). Marmalade is seen in many levels after level 186, and is incredibly common in the 200s, and still quite abundant in the 300s. It slowly starts to decrease its abundance in the 500s and 600s.

This is the weakest blocker in the game. Initially, this blocker could hold only special candies, but later levels feature it that holds regular candies and even blockers as well.


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 70 (unofficial)
Level 186 (official)
Level 8102

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


Marmalade animation

Marmalade (animation)

  • Marmalade is considered a much weaker variant of the liquorice lock since it can be cleared not only by matches and special candy effects, but also adjacent matches (like icing). It is hence the weakest blocker in the game.
  • Marmalade is like many blockers in that it is simply broken by breaking the candy adjacent to the blocker, or by special candy effects. It also shares its properties with the liquorice lock blocker in that unlike chocolate, icings and most other blockers, candies can still be behind the blocker, and if a match can be made with the candy under the blocker, then the blocker will break. However, the marmalade can still be destroyed if the player is unable to make a match with the candy inside the blocker, as long as the match is made adjacent to the blocker. Even then, the colour of the candies matched need not necessarily be the same colour as the candy underneath the marmalade.
  • Usually, when marmalade appears in early levels, it is guarding a special candy that is already formed at the start of the level, such as level 202. Some levels require you to be careful and not to break the marmalade, or else the special candy behind it will most likely be set off prematurely.
  • The first magic mixer can cover candies nearby with marmalade. Chocolate spawners in marmalade exist too.

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  • Marmalade is often mistaken for other things, such as chocolate, syrup, jam, or even a triple jelly (which currently doesn't exist).
  • The removal of the visual effect in the web version simply peels off, but on mobile, it melts.
  • On the web version, if a candy bomb explodes, it will remove other candies and leave empty marmalade behind.
  • This blocker can be seen as a cross between icing and liquorice lock blockers.
    • Some levels even have liquorice lock which act like marmalade, due to a configuration error. Level 518 is an example: the tiles are shown as liquorice lock, but it can be cleared just like a marmalade.
  • Marmalade covering chameleon candies occurs occasionally in the 300s, but in the early 400s to 500s, this has virtually disappeared, only showing up when a mystery candy is opened. It reappears in level 456 and onwards. It's unknown why chameleon candies can be found in marmalade since it usually contains useful special candies.
    • Later in the 800s, marmalade is often seen containing normal candies.
  • It's the easiest blocker to remove because you can clear it using a colour bomb or you can make a match near it or you can clear it with special candies or you can make a match consisting of a candy in marmalade. Also hitting a nearby candy with a special candy but not the marmalade itself, it will still disappear, this also happens to chocolate.
  • This is easily mixed up with liquorice locks. To free locked candies, you must combine 3 of the same colour as the candy inside or take it off using special candies. However, to take off the marmalade, you can combine 3 of the same colour as the candy inside, use special candy effects, or make moves nearby.
  • There was a glitch on mobile, where if you open a mystery candy that should have marmalade over it on a square that had a lock on it to begin play, the result is a candy with both marmalade and a lock over it that otherwise functions the same way as regular marmalade.
  • Toffee tornadoes that land on a marmalade will go through off the special candy.
  • If you played level 323 (before it got nerfed), there was a glitch on iOS and Android due to the most confusing set of teleporters (like level 137) due to many pairs of teleporters (16) as the teleporters will get lower and lower and lower... until the mystery candy came up, and you will see the marmalade empty.
  • Level 97 does not have marmalade because it was officially introduced in level 186 and Levels 197, 297, 397, 497, 597, 697, and 997 all have marmalade. But, level 797, 897, 1097, and 1197 don't have marmalade.
  • Level 186 used to be the first level to have marmalade. However, after level 70 got nerfed, it became the second level with marmalade.
  • This and chocolate are the two blockers which trapped Mr. Toffee's feet in the CCS TV ad.
  • Level 1055 is the level with the most marmalade (covering the entire board at the start).
  • In level 677, instead of special candies normally being in marmalade, they could be in liquorice locks, and later, just by themselves with no blockers. (See glitch page for more.)
  • This blocker is similar to honey of Candy Crush Soda Saga. However, that blocker may not have candies or blockers inside.
  • Currently, there is no multilayered marmalade existing in the game.
  • Its name is shared with other champion title or episode names (Marmalade Meadow, Marmalade Moon, Marmalade Mermaid).
  • Liquorice swirls in marmalade can still keep their resistance on striped candies, unlike its Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga counterparts.
  • In Candy Crush Friends Saga, although there is a blocker named Marmalade, it works differently that it prevents candy inside from matching or being moved, but candies can fall through it. It can even have a second layer, making it quite endurable.
  • Formerly, unlike locks or chests, marmalade could currently only encase movable blockers (i.e. licorice swirls and candy bombs). This changed in the future when chocolate appeared in marmalade in level 2765.
  • Real marmalade is truly an orange color as opposed to the color it is in the game.
  • Marmalade has the tilemap code 025.


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