Marmalade Meadow Map

Marmalade Meadow HTML5 (Horizontal)


Episode 51
World (Flash) 9
World (HTML5) 11
Levels 741-755
Characters Boomer
Champion title Marmalord
New features CoconutWheel in Liquorice Lock new
Colour Bomb new in One-layered Sugar Chest
Colour Bomb new in Two-layered Sugar Chest
Colour Bomb new in Four-layered Sugar Chest
Colour Bomb new in Five-layered Sugar Chest
Release date Web - 13 November 2014
Smartphone icon - 10 December 2014
Difficulty Easy
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Marmalade Meadow is the 51st episode of Candy Crush Saga and the third episode of World Nine. This episode was released on 13 November 2014. The champion title for this episode is Marmalord.


Before episode:
Boomer's harvesting equipment is clogged.
After episode:
Tiffi fixes the equipment by pumping it very tightly, revealing that it was a blue candy that clogs it.

New thingsEdit


Reality 51 Background
This episode contains levels 741-755.

Marmalade Meadow is an easy episode, with a mean of 2.8. It has only one hard level: 752. Levels 747, 750, 751 and 755 used to be troublesome but got heavily nerfed. They are now much easier. Overall, this episode is easier than the previous episode, Marshmallow Mountains.

Target score new Jelly new Ingredient drop new Objective new Mixed new
0 5 5 5 -
The easiest :
Level 743
The hardest :
Level 752
The most fun :
Level 751
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
5 10
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop levels
Objective new Level 741 Objective new Level 751 Objective new Level 753
Lockedhard Hexagon levels

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

0 2 6 2 4 0 1 0 0 0 0



  • This is the eighth episode, in which, there was no text in the story.
  • This episode has the same number of jelly, ingredient, and candy order levels.
  • This episode does not contain a single moves level, unlike the past four episodes.
  • This is the second episode in the entire game to have four ingredients levels in a row. The first one was Biscuit Bungalow.
  • Like the previous episode, this episode's name reuses a word used in another episode, Minty Meadow. However, this is the first time that two consecutive episodes reuse words from two earlier consecutive episodes.
  • Existing chameleon candies made their return in this episode, for the first time since Taffy Tropics's level 628.
  • The bush is very reminiscent of the Sugary Shire bush, and the tree is reminiscent of the Wafer Windmill tree.
  • Despite having the episode containing the word marmalade, only levels: 744, 747, 749, and 753 have marmalade right from the start.
  • The characters on episode background image on mobile version used to not be shown. It was fixed later.
    • However, the equipment is not clogged and the blue candy does not appear.
  • This episode contains the 200th ingredient level, which is level 743.
  • After the second nerf of level 751, the hardest level in this episode becomes the easiest instead.
  • The flower on episode pathway and background appear in the intro of Cake Crumbs weekend event as flower shaped cookie.
  • This episode's pathway is reused in later episodes, including Gummy Galaxy, Tasty Treasury, and Soda Swamp. They are: Barking Boutique, Brulee Bay, Dessert Desert, Toffee Teasprings, and Sprinkle Sea. From here, the pathway repeats every 9 episodes up to the last episode of Flash version, Peppermint Portal, which also uses this pathway.
  • A blue candy is revealed to have clogged the machine. Other blue candies, as well as yellow candies, purple candies and colour bombs can be found in the meadow's bushes.
  • This is the first episode with the word "marmalade" in its name.
  • This episode's background, map texture and story is reused for Cookie Clearing.
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