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Character EP24.png
Gender Female
First appearance Pearly-White-Plains.png
Problem Pearly White Plains: Her teeth are broken by a giant colour bomb.
Solution Pearly White Plains: Tiffi picks a toothbrush and cleans teeth.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Breezy Bedroom

Mary is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a tooth fairy and encountered in the 24th episode, Pearly White Plains. Before introducing level 336, her teeth have been hit by a dangerous colour bomb that has made them begin to yellow and decay. Tiffi promises the return of white, shiny teeth. After completing level 350, her teeth become sparkly white and she thanks Tiffi.

In the 137th episode, Cavity Cave, a big blob of jelly suddenly falls down on her. Tiffi uses her toothbrush to sculpt a jelly dress out of it.

In the 152nd episode, Smiley Seas, she is checking up on teeth all over the Candy Kingdom, but some of them are messy. Tiffi dives into the adventure and helps scrub those mess up with her.

In the 180th episode, Cocoa Cove, she and Tiffi are standing on a treasure island at the chocolate sea.

In the 24th Dreamworld episode, Moonshot Molars, she wears a baseball hat, baseball suit, and baseball glove, and plays baseball with Tiffi using a colour bomb as a baseball with a score of 5-9.


  • Mary also helps players pass levels that they need help on, by providing an extra life or giving a ticket for a player, etc.
  • Mary helps to unlock the episode after 72 hours (only happens in Reality).
  • She appears in every episode checkpoint, even though Tiffi does not officially meet her until level 336.
  • Her occupation is displayed as "Toothfairy" (one word) on the tickets screen.