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An art of champion title from the Facebook Page

"You have taken the crown..."

The Master Title or Champion Title is a feature that is available on Candy Crush Saga that comes along with episode trophies.

It was introduced as Champion Titles since August 13, 2013, for Flash; at that time they were not shown on HTML5. Circa 2019, they were reintroduced as Master Titles for HTML5. Master Titles can only be obtained once the player masters all fifteen levels in an episode through obtaining Gold Crowns (completing a level in the first try) or Sugar Stars (obtaining twice the three-star target).



Champion titles are obtained if the player obtained the most stars in a given episode than all of their friends upon the completion of this episode. In the case of a tie, the player is still conferred the champion title.

Completing a level will result in a trophy displayed with a profile picture. The profile picture corresponds to the player or the player's friend who has the most stars upon finishing this episode.



Instead of earning the most number of stars, your goal is to obtain a diamond trophy by fulfilling any of the two conditions: obtaining a gold crown, or earning sugar stars across all levels of an episode. Obtaining both requirements for a level counts only once towards the progress of a trophy.

The Master Title is only conferred if the player masters all fifteen levels in a given episode. Thus, master titles cannot be obtained in the two tutorial episodes.

List of titles[]

Episode name Master title
1 Candy-Town.png Mayor of Candy Town**
2 Candy-Factory.png Candy Factory Master**
3 Lemonade Lake Lemonade Lord*
4 Chocolate-Mountains.png Chocolate Mountaineer*
5 Minty-Meadow.png Lollipop Ranger
6 Easter-Bunny-Hills.png Chief Egg Layer
7 Bubblegum-Bridge.png Troll Hunter
8 Salty-Canyon.png Licorice Astronaut
9 Peppermint-Palace.png Minty Sultan
10 Wafer-Wharf.png Captain Wafer
11 Gingerbread-Glade.png Grand Witch
12 Pastille-Pyramid.png Pastille Pharaoh
13 Cupcake-Circus.png Cupcake Showman
14 Caramel-Cove.png Caramel Chieftain
15 Sweet-Surprise.png Party Queen
16 Crunchy-Castle.png Crunchy Count
17 Chocolate-Barn.png Farm Hero
18 Delicious-Drifts.png Polar Explorer
19 Holiday-Hut.png Holiday Spirit
20 Candy Clouds Sky Lord
21 Jelly-Jungle.png Tiramisaurus Rex
22 Savory-Shores.png Marmalade Mermaid
23 Munchy-Monolith.png Sugar Shaman
24 Pearly-White-Plains.png Fairy Godmother
25 Fudge-Islands.png Pastry Chef
26 Pudding-Pagoda.png Sherbet Shogun
27 Licorice-Tower.png Royal Sweet Tooth
28 Polkapalooza Polka Superstar
29 Soda Swamp Bubbling Boss
30 Rainbow-Runway.png Rainbow Catcher
31 Butterscotch Boulders Cherry Sheriff
32 Sugary Shire Sweetest Shepherd
33 Waffle-Workshop.png Baroque Baroness
34 Meringue Moor Papa Grande
35 Ice Cream Caves Queen of Shiba
36 Sour-Salon.png Caramel Keyboardist
37 Sticky-Savannah.png Donut Doctor
38 Jelly-Wagon.png Whacky Warlock
39 Biscuit-Bungalow.png Bubblegum Buster
40 Gummy Gardens Balloon Botanist
41 Wafer-Windmill.png Wafer Vagabond
42 Cereal-Sea.png Milky Marine
43 Taffy-Tropics.png Taffy Tamer
44 Glazed-Grove.png Raging Royalty
45 Fizzy-Falls.png Star Catcher
46 Crunchy-Courtyard.png Nutty Knight
47 Choco-Rio-Grande.png Munchy Mole
48 Toffee-Tower.png Clockwork King
49 Boneyard-Bonanza.png Candy Conjurer
50 Marshmallow-Mountains.png Bubblegum Billy
51 Marmalade-Meadow.png Marmalord
52 Chewy-Citadel.png Dr. Bubblestein
53 Eggnog-Emporium.png Eggnog Empress
54 Fudge-Fjord.png Peppermint Pillager
55 Caramel-Clearing.png Courageous Caterpillar
56 Candy-Calaboose.png Candy Clodhopper
57 Nougat-Noir.png Private Ice Cream
58 Gummy-Galaxy.png Saucer Seeker
59 Truffle-Terrace.png Thirsty Troubadour
60 Coco-Crossroads.png Sweet Sibling
61 Crumbly-Coast.png Coco Kahuna
62 Polka-Park.png Bubblegum Barber
63 Delectable-Depths.png Tickle Troll
64 Minty Meadow Top Tracker
65 Cookie-Crossing.png Bubble Brigadier
66 Soda Swamp Max Relaxer
67 Candy Clouds Flashy Flyer
68 Caramel-Keep.png Crunchy Keymaster
69 Tasty-Treasury.png Treasure Popper
70 Luscious-Lagoon.png Divine Diver
71 Mellow-Marshmallow.png Flashy Fashionista
72 Siberian-Sorbet.png Penguin President
73 Cloudberry-Creek.png Reindeer Ranger
74 Bubblegum-Hut.png Broomstick Baron
75 Chocolate-Chamber.png Cocoa Couturier
76 Raspberry-Races.png Sticky Speedster
77 Teapot-Tower.png Groovy Groomer
78 Barking-Boutique.png Catnip Crusader
79 Banana-Beach.png Savvy Surfer
80 Snack-Shack.png Miso Master
81 Fungi-Forest.png Mushroom Master
82 Marmalade-Moon.png Cosmic Commander
83 Wonky-Wonderland.png Pastry Paladin
84 Drizzly-Dale.png Crazy Cobbler
85 Bonbon-Bistro.png Mimer Maestro
86 Diamond-District.png Candy Constable
87 Butter-Rum-Reef.png Salty Swashbuckler
88 Hoax-Hollow.png Potion Perfector
89 Honey-Hut.png Magnificient Muncher
90 Brulee-Bay.png Tropical Trooper
91 Candied-Cliffs.png Fable Finder
92 Candy-Keep.png Candy Collector
93 Syrupy-Circus.png Big Top Boss
94 Festive-Forest.png Slushy Snowman
95 Peppermint-Party.png Delicious DJ
96 Mount-Chocolympus.png Savory Zeus
97 Flavor-Field.png Cherry Champion
98 Divine-Diner.png Waffle Waitress
99 Dessert-Desert.png Highway Howler
100 Delicious-Dynasty.png Supreme Simian
101 Precious-Pond.png Clumsy Cupid
102 Lullaby-Lake.png Sweet Storyteller
103 Candy-Canyon.png Sweet Sleeper
104 Biscuit-Bay.png Napping Navigator
105 Wacky-Waterhole.png Bubbly Barista
106 Scrumptious-Studio.png Pompous Painter
107 Vanilla-Valley.png Chunky Chipper
108 Toffee-Teasprings.png Super Scrubber
109 Sundae-Stables.png Rowdy Rider
110 Milky-Marina.png Blueberry Bather
111 Marzipan-Mine.png Candid Caver
112 Honey-Highlands.png Valkyrie Victor
113 Taffy-Treetops.png Fungus Fixer
114 Sugar-Shrubs.png Biscuit Barber
115 Sweet-Skies.png Lovely Levitator
116 Piñata-Park.png Bee Bouncer
117 Sprinkle-Sea.png Deep Diver
118 Blueberry-Brush.png Camp Commando
119 Wiggly-Wheel.png Chipper Charger
120 Delightful-Docks.png Poetic Paddler
121 Fruity-Fairground.png Sugary Strongman
122 Bonbon-Beanstalk.png Classy Climber
123 Icing-Islands.png Slushy Stylist
124 Apricot-Alley.png Cordial Caller
125 Peanut-Pass.png Cushiony Catcher
126 Licorice-Luna.png Astral Artist
127 Funky-Farm.png Fishy Fixer
128 Kooky-Kingdom.png Fairy Tailor
129 Praline-Pavilion.png Drizzle Deflector
130 Hippy-Hills.png Broccoli Bruiser
131 Spicy-Shop.png Fiery Feaster
132 Custard-Coast.png Shark Survivor
133 Vanilla-Villa.png Mirror Master
134 Bubblegum-Bazaar.png Cheeky Charlatan
135 Corny-Crossroads.png Supernatural Snatcher
136 Soda-Surf.png Sparkling Skipper
137 Cavity-Cave.png Sticky Sculptor
138 Tricky-Tracks.png Pumpkin Pilot
139 Luscious-Lane.png Terrific Tracker
140 Shaky-Shire.png Basket Boss
141 Research-Reef.png Shark Scholar
142 Treacle-Retreat.png Brûlée Barber
143 Radiant-Resort.png Bracelet Buddy
144 Dainty-Dunes.png Prickly Picker
145 Pastry-Peaks.png Burning Baker
146 Chilly-Chimneys.png Holiday Helper
147 Candy-Countdown.png Rocket Rider
148 Gumball-Gorge.png Splendid Spotter
149 Scrumptious-Slopes.png Sundae Sergeant
150 Fizzy-Factory.png Bonbon Boxer
151 Tasty-Tops.png Chomper Champ
152 Smiley-Seas.png Candy Cleaner
153 Crumbly-Crossing.png Love Launcher
154 Swirly-Steppes.png Twister Tamer
155 Sugary-Stage.png Peppy Performer
156 Frosty-Fields.png Sorbet Sprinkler
157 Marzipan-Meadow.png Frizzy Freestyler
158 Glittery-Grove.png Lunar Lighter
159 Cupcake-Clinic.png Sassy Surgeon
160 Nougat-Nebula.png Meteor Master
161 Cobweb-Canopy.png Snippy Savior
162 Bouncy-Bayou.png Bobber Bringer
163 Crispy-Clearing.png Silly Squire
164 Haystack-Hills.png Hatching Hoarder
165 Popsicle-Plateau.png Frosty Friend
166 Delicate-Dale.png Butterfly Bouncer
167 Blooming-Backyard.png Snoozy Sandman
168 Savory-Springs.png Bubbly Blower
169 Watermelon-Waves.png Tropical Trooper (2)
170 Candy-Concert.png Spunky Stage Diver
171 Frosting-Fortress.png Waffle Watcher
172 Truffle-Trench.png Scuba Star
173 Slushie-Studio.png Dapper Dandy
174 Wafer-Waterfall.png Dairy Daredevil
175 Strawberry-Steps.png Happy Hopper
176 Honey-Heights.png Frequent Flyer
177 Crunchy-Comet.png Space Sculptor
178 Meringue-Mansion.png Furry Fashionista
179 Fabulous-Fair.png Merry Maker
180 Cocoa-Cove.png Diamond Digger
181 Balloon-Barn.png Bouncy Bovine
182 Fudgy-Fort.png Chewy Champion
183 Popcorn-Planet.png Matinée Muncher
184 Pearly-Parlor.png Mirror Master (2)
185 Peppermint-Pond.png Star Supplier
186 Rainbow Rapids Jelly Juggler
187 Tacky-Tent.png Magic Maker
188 Glazing-Glen.png Frost Fetcher
189 Peppermint-Portal.png Delicious Drifter
190 Delectable-Dominion.png Munchy Monarch
191 Tricky-Tower.png Tasty Tracker
192 Party-Park.png Cake Composer
193 Syrup-Square.png Pastry Plumber
194 Gingerbread-Gym.png Antique Athlete
195 Lunar-Landing.png Glowing Guide
196 Banana-Buffet.png Dessert Deserter
197 Pumpking-Patch.png Topping Trapper
198 Sour-Swamp.png Bonbon Baiter
199 Cranberry-Cottage.png Nutty Nutcracker
200 Festive-Fiesta.png Sparkly Snacker
201 Bonbon-Bash.png Tasty Technician
202 Breakfast-Bay.png Soggy Snoozer
203 Barren-Boonies.png Cactus Costumier
204 Waffle-Well.png Graceful Gardener
205 Fondue-Fort.png Clumsy Conjurer
206 Choco-Chess.png Chess Champion
207 Popping-Peninsula.png Kooky Kernel
208 Valentine-Valley.png Hearty Harbinger
209 Toasty-Terrain.png Marmalade Muncher
210 Bubbly-Bath.png Foam Fetcher
211 Swirly-Shack.png Gummy Gardener
212 Pumpkin-Planetarium.png Star Savior
213 Cookie-Cinema.png Snack Snatcher
214 Frozen-Fishland.png Hot Hero
215 Fruity-Farmland.png Rowdy Rancher
216 Radiant-Road.png Dorky Detective
217 Munchy-Marsh.png Topping Pilot
218 Bonbon-Brambles.png Tasty Trapper
219 Liquorice-Lounge.png Jazzy Jammer
220 Tasty-Tropics.png Savory Sailor
221 Cookie-Chase.png Munchy Mechanic
222 Syrup-Sea.png Deep Divider
223 Marzipan-Maze.png Glorious Guide
224 Sprinkle-Spire.png Biscuit Barbarian
225 Icecream-Isle.png Chilly Chewer
226 Blueberry-Bluffs.png Steep Stepper
227 Lemon-Lighthouse.png Sticky Stacker
228 Yummy-Yard.png Busy Bee
229 Cocoa-Clearing.png Kooky Knight
230 Glaze-Garden.png Frosting Florist
231 Frozen-Fair.png Dairy Dealer
232 Booty-Bay.png Barrel Baron
233 Lollipop Land Candied Captain
234 Luscious-Landing.png Party Pilot
235 Waffle-Ward.png Biking Baker
236 Wafer-Wonderland.png Watch Watcher
237 Harvest-Hills.png Soda Sprinkler
238 Marshmallow-Mire.png Marshland Master
239 Coral-Caverns.png Treasure Tracker
240 Gumball-Grounds.png Gummy Gardener (2)
241 Delightful-Desert.png Dessert Dancer
242 Berry-Bistro.png Savory Sommelier
243 Cotton-County.png Wind Wonder
244 Sugary-Slide.png Doughnut Diver
245 Lolli-Lab.png Gelatinous Genius
246 Brume-Beach.png Mist Master
247 Pastry-Planets.png Rainbow Racer
248 Chilly-Creamery.png Strawberry Shaker
249 Cacao-Cliff.png Fancy Flier
250 Pudding-Patch.png Tasty Treasurer
251 Candy-Circus.png Magic Master
252 Pearly-Pond.png Sweet Sailor
253 Crumbly-Cave.png Dainty Digger
254 Candied-Crust.png Dogged Detective
255 Strawberry-Shire.png Sweet Savior
256 Coral-City.png Sweet Sealer
257 Munchy-Mansion.png Time Tinkerer
258 Bakers-Bluff.png Bun Baron
259 Edible-Empire.png Ginger Glazer
260 Licorice-Lair.png Candy Craver
261 Pastille-Pass.png Soaring Seafarer
262 Flavour-Falls.png Cherry Chaser
263 Honey-Hives.png Fluttery Flosser
264 Gummy-Gazebo.png Perfect Poser
265 Orange-Overpass.png Fizzy Fixer
266 Sticky-Shore.png Peppy Peeler
267 Woolly-Workshop.png Sugary Spinner
268 Donut-Disco.png Party Planner
269 Peppermint-Parlour.png Sugary Stylist
270 Minty-Marina.png Floaty Fixer
271 Floral-Foyer.png Delish Designer
272 Creamy-Coast.png Dessert Delighter
273 Frosting-Forest.png Tasty Trickster
274 Curly-Court.png Bonbon Bowler
275 Candy-Clearing.png Sugar Supplier
276 Bounty-Bush.png Perky Pirate
277 Merry-Market.png Stellar Seller
278 Glittery-Gala.png Glamorous Guest
279 Gelato-Glacier.png Super Scooper
280 Pastry-Palace.png Snoozy Sleeper
281 Pretzel-Plains.png Choco Chucker
282 Sugar-Shacks.png Sweets Supplier
283 Radiant-Reef.png Delicious Diver
284 Candied-Cluster.png Spacey Sweetener
285 Lollipop-Lane.png Candy Cutter
286 Berry-Bazaar.png Savvy Shopper
287 Cinnamon-City.png Wonky Wanderer
288 Fudgy-Fountain.png Hiding Hero
289 Puffy-Pillars.png Cake Connector
290 Apple-Alley.png Honey Harvester
291 Purple-Park.png Piñata Patcher
292 Lovely-Lagoon.png Supportive Sweetheart
293 Chilly-Citadel.png Snowball Supervisor
294 Puffy-Peaks.png Choux Chef
295 Fruity-Fields.png Seedy Spotter
296 Candy-Coast.png Warf Watcher
297 Dreamy-Dale.png Rambling Reader
298 Tangy-Tracks.png Crafty Conductor
299 Soda-Streams.png Bubble Buddy
300 Lucky-Lawn.png Shamrock Sidekick
301 Fishy-Floods.png Salmon Slinger
302 Pavilion-Pond.png Fabulous Feeder
303 Doughy-Dunes.png Desert Decorator
304 Treasure-Tropics.png Balloon Buster
305 Meringue-Metropolis.png Bonbon Bringer
306 Flossy-Forest.png Cotton Cutter
307 Flan-Falls.png Brûlée Blaster
308 Crystal-Canteen.png Crystal Cook
309 Bun-Boulevard.png Creamy Constructor
310 Cocoa-Cosmos.png Astral Artist (2)
311 Sweet-Swamp.png Cocoa Coater
312 Delicious-Depths.png Weed Warden
313 Radical-Ramps.png Funky Flipper
314 Pudding-Panorama.png Fancy Flyer
315 Honey-Henge.png Stony Stacker
316 Croissant-Crossing.png Crumbly Courier
317 Paper-Plains.png Whimsy Wrapper
318 Apple-Avenue.png Buzzy Baker
319 Slushie-Shops.png Super Sipper
320 Cosmic-Canyon.png Galactic Gazer
321 Macaron-Market.png Pastry Picker
322 Teapot-Terrace.png Supreme Sleeper
323 Party-Pyramids.png Dune Decorator
324 Cup-Carnival.png Dizzy Dancer
325 Burger-Buffet.png Patty President
326 Marble-Meadow.png Splendid Sculptor
327 Popcorn-Province.png Kernel King
328 Rocky-Road.png Marvelous Melter
329 Sparkling-Streams.png Soda Surfer
330 Orangeade-Oasis.png Citrus Chevalier
331 Biscuit-Brink.png Biscuit Builder
332 Luscious-Lab.png Tangy Tester
333 Wrecky-Workshops.png Saucer Sheriff
334 Fancy-Festival.png Glamorous Guest (2)
335 Celestial-Cinema.png Cosmic Critic
336 Scrumptious-Sale.png Sensational Salesman
337 Mousse-Manor.png Extraordinary Explorer
338 Harmony-Hills.png Jazzy Jammer (2)
339 Spicy-Suburbs.png Noble Neighbor
340 Lava-Lake.png Cocoa Connoisseur
341 Pretty-Porch.png Soda Shaker
342 Glittery-Glacier.png Cool Candifier
343 Toasty-Tents.png Campfire Captain
344 Soda-Shack.png Prudent Plumber
345 Wondrous-Well.png Coin Collector
346 Tasty-Temple.png Wafer Watcher
347 Caramel-Cliffs.png Bounty Boss
348 Sparkly-Station.png Soda Scrubber
349 Bubble-Bar.png Tea Tutor
350 Merry-Mailroom.png Comedic Courier
351 Cookie-Canopy.png Balloon Boss
352 Polkapalooza Ritzy Roadie
353 Soda Swamp Swampy Sweetheart
354 Sprinkle-Stronghold.png Sassy Steward
355 Marine-Monument.png Aquatic Adventurer
356 Treasure-Trove.png Expert Excavator
357 Popsicle-Pole.png Melting Maestro
358 Cocoa-Courtyard.png Divine Digger
359 Perfect-Picnic.png Candy Cupid
360 Pineapple-Patch.png Cake Creator
361 Gourmet-Gym.png Fitness Fan
362 Munchy-Meteor.png Cookie Cutter
363 Butterscotch Boulders Thumb Twiddler
364 Fantastic-Fair.png Clever Carny
365 Sugary-Stands.png Grandiose Griller
366 Bubbly-Boulevard.png Soda Saviour
367 Coconut-Cruise.png Savvy Shipper
368 Sandwich-Station.png Crumbly Constructor
369 Sugary Shire Candy Cleaner (2)
370 Gumdrop-Grove.png Grand Gardener
371 Hazelnut-Harbour.png Crunchy Crusher
372 Sugary-Spa.png Master Masseur
373 Soft-Serve-Slopes.png Stellar Skier
374 Glorious-Garden.png Marvellous Matchmaker
375 Shiny-Streets.png Lovely Lighter
376 Fruity-Forest.png Goopy Grenadier
377 Plushie-Party.png Stuffy Sipper
378 Sugar-Cookie-Shrine.png Sassy Spirit
379 Pumpkin-Parade.png Creepy Carver
380 Rainbow Reef Twisted Trimmer
381 Licorice-Lane.png Brilliant Bowler
382 Bubbly-Bowl.png Fizzy Fisher
383 Meringue Moor Delicious Dipper
384 Orange-Orchard.png Jolly Juicer
385 Shake-Street.png Freaky Fixer
386 Piggy-Park.png Sweet Saver
387 Doughnut-Deli.png Merry Marketer
388 Sticky Suburb Fabulous Fixer
389 Generous Grove Giddy Gobbler
390 Forest Feast Grateful Gatherer
391 Ice Cream Caves Canine Caver
392 Roulade Reception Rug Roller
393 Lovely Lot Perfect Peeler
394 Snazzy Supermarket Sugary Shopper
395 Fluffy Fort Trendy Tailor
396 Maple Mounds Goopy Gatherer
397 Bun Bakery Saffron Supplier
398 Sugary Showroom Daring Detective
399 Musical Mansion Prodigious Performer
400 Wintry Workshop Box Baker
401 Soda Soiree Party Popper
402 Fancy Fjords Fabulous Flyer
403 Charming Chateau Grand Guardian
404 Almond Airport Tasty Traveler
405 Buttery Bistro Spaghetti Slurper
406 Glazed Grasslands Stripe Supporter
407 Polka Playground Playful Partner
408 Honey Haven Sticky Spotter
409 Citrus County Joyful Juicer
410 Prosperous Plains Spectacular Spectator
411 Breezy Bedroom Crown Collector
412 Board Game Basement Sweet Strategist
413 Melody Meadow Screeching Solist
414 Candy Caravan Messy Magician
415 Chewy Classroom Logical Lecturer
416 Gooey Galleon Sticky Scooper
417 Delicious Dwelling Super Sweeper
418 Sweet Stadium Quirky Quarterback
419 Orderly Office Secret Stasher
420 Harmonious Hives Cheerful Crafter
421 Marshmallow Mansion Fluffy Fixer
422 Candied Conservatory Floral Floater
423 Flowering Fields Tulip Tender
424 Loopy-Lagoon.png Cereal Champion
425 Tropical-Terrain.png Banana Bringer
426 Wobbly-Well.png Frog Feeder
427 Praline-Pagoda.png Galaxy Gazer
428 Tasty-Tourney.png Jolly Jouster
429 Biscuit-Borough.png Munchy Milliner
430 Sugary-Steeple.png Rambunctious Rumbler
431 Popscile-Plot.png Vibrant Visitor
432 Pearly-Peaks.png Mellow Mountaineer
433 Cookie-Clearing.png Bucket Boss
434 Terrific-Tower.png Incredible Inventor
435 Snowy-Shop.png Gracious Gifter
436 Legendary-Lodge.png Colossal Crafter
437 Apple-Abode.png Cheeky Chopper
438 Glamorous-Garden.png Perky Planter
439 Confectionery-Chateau.png Delightful Dandy
440 Moonlight-Manor.png Sugary Sleuth
441 Playful-Planet.png Cosmic Companion
442 Sugary-Skies.png Airborne Amigo
443 Wavy-Waterfront.png Surfer Smasher
444 Gum-Garden.png Chic Cutter
445 Sour-Shoals.png Talented Tickler
446 Lollipop Land Ready Ranger
447 Candy-Crossing.png Inquisitive Investigator
448 Refreshing Retreat Muddy Masseur
449 Breezy Beanstalk Propellor Pilot
450 Floaty Fortress Cloudy Custodian
451 Playful Palace Sophisticated Seeker
452 Wonky Waters Delighted Diver
453 Marshmallow Mound Peppy Pathfinder
454 Tasty Tundra Sorbet Seeker
455 Happy Heights Cloudberry Collector
456 Bubble Base Bubbly Brewer
457 Cocoa Condo Charming Chocolatier
458 Munchy Marathon Relentless Racer
459 Swirly Spire Beautiful Brusher
460 Sunny Shops Window Watcher
461 Banana Bay Awesome Angler
462 Coral Cantina Superior Snacker
463 Fungi Fields Great Gatherer
464 Galactic Gateau Lunar Lieutenant
465 Mushroom Meadow Tea Timer
466 Puddle Pasture Drizzly Defender
467 Cookie Café Playful Performer
468 Creator's Crib Level Overlord
469 Coconut Cape Smoke Spotter
470 Witchy Wilderness Brilliant Brewer
471 Kooky Kitchen Honey Handler
472 Custard Cove Beaming Beachgoer
473 Vibrant Valley Valley Visitor
474 Sweet Supplies Giddy Gatherer
475 Cream Carnival Bold Baker
476 Snowy Suburbs Cocoa Companion
477 Colorful Celebration Enthusiastic Entertainer
478 Chocolate Colonnades Classical Champion
479 Golden Goals Superior Sportsperson
480 Delicious Deli Delighted Diner
481 Cocoa Crags Nutty Noble
482 Pearly Pagodas Hovering Hero
483 Lovely Lake Sugary Swimmer
484 Drowsy Den Bedtime Bard
485 Fluffy Fields Breakfast Buff
486 Crunchy Cay Reef Rescuer
487 Sprinkle Steppes Straw Supplier
488 Choco City Dandy Detective
489 Episode 489 (Caramel Canyons) Mayor of Candy Town**
490 Episode 490 (Soda Sea) Candy Factory Master**

From Episode 489 and onwards, the Master Title is reused from the episode 488 episodes before. It is unknown if Milestone Meadow will receive its own Master Title or will have Diamond Digger as its Title.


  • Just like episode names, Master Titles tend to consist of two words starting with the same letter.
    • There is only 1 episode that has a Master Title length of one word, and that is, Marmalord.
    • There are only 7 episodes that have a Master Title length of 3 words.
    • The Master Title of Candy Town is the only one with four words.
  • The Master Title of Honey Hut is misspelled as Magnificient Muncher. It should be Magnificent Muncher, with no 'ci'.
    • This misspelling has been unresolved as of now.
  • Master Titles closely match the story of this episode, and all can be used to describe a person or entity.
    • From Episode 421 to Episode 488, all but one episode are exact replicas of previous episodes, and their Master Titles also match these episodes' stories, while being all distinct from the earlier counterpart's.
  • Dandy Detective is the last official Master Title, awarded in Choco City, the 488th episode. After that, the list of Master Titles is looped (Episode 1's Master Title is awarded for Episode 489, Episode 2's Master Title is awarded for Episode 490, etc.).
    • In HTML5, it is impossible to get the title of Mayor of Candy Town or Candy Factory Master, until the release of these episodes with rotating names.
    • If this pattern persists, Milestone Meadow will have Diamond Digger as the master title.
    • The next episode with Level Overlord as its Master Title will be Episode 956.
    • Episode 1000, if it would be released, will have Fairy Godmother as its Master Title, the same Master Title as Pearly White Plains.

Enumeration trivia[]

  • All 26 letters in the English alphabet have been used in a Master Title at least once.
    • However, no Master Title begins with a U, X, Y, Z, and unexpectedly, O.
    • Only Mount Chocolympus has a Master Title word beginning with Z, and that is, Savory Zeus.
    • The only Master Title containing a word beginning with O is Level Overlord, the master title of Creator's Crib.
      • Also, that is the last Master Title created as of now.
    • Only Chewy Citadel has a Master Title featuring a nonalphabetical character, in this case, a period. It is Dr. Bubblestein.
    • Only four Master Titles feature an accented character, all across three words. The words used, in order, are:
  • Across all episode names and their Master Titles:
    • Only two contain a nonalphabetical character, namely a period and an apostrophe.
    • Only eight contain accented characters, across four words Piñata, Brûlée, Matinée, and Café.
    • None contains a number or digit.
    • None contains an uppercase 'U' or 'X' or an accented letter.
      • Food and candy-related words beginning with 'U' could be Umami, or anything beginning with the prefix un- like Unsweetened.
      • It is extremely difficult to find candy or geography-related words beginning with 'X'. An example would be Xanthan, Xylitol, Xeriscape, and Xenolith.
      • A candy-related word beginning with an accent is 'Éclair. It has never been used in CCS.
  • Eight Master Titles ever corresponded to multiple episodes. Now seven of them have this property. Three of them are seen on Flash. In order, they are:


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