Message Center

Message Center is an element in Candy Crush Saga. It was released in November 2013. In the center, friends can send help (+3 movesBooster extra moves 3, livesLife Message icon, ticketsTicket icon if needed) or requests (lives and tickets). Before there was a mail icon in the corner, almost all life gifts were wasted, rendering them pretty much useless.

Some Information about Message CenterEdit

Your messages description

When you cursor icon Info-icon, some information will appear:

  • Maximum life message in message center is 10.
  • You can send on message per type and friend per day.
  • Extra moves messages will help you or your friend on the specific level they were received on.
  • Messages received will only be active during this visit.


  • This feature was introduced on mobile earlier than Web.
  • If you play on Web, the messages will stay in the inbox unless you leave the game.
  • Tickets don't appear in the inbox on Web. Instead, there is a pop-up saying that you received a ticket. Pressing "ok" will remove the pop up. On mobile, they appear in the inbox.
  • Unlimited messages in the Windows 10 and iOS.
  • This is accessible in both Reality and Dreamworld
    • However, as of mobile versions v1.68 the message center is no longer accessible in Dreamworld.
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