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  • Hi, welcome to Candy Crush Saga Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Level 147 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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  • I will try to be on everyday and will answer anyone's questions (if there are any).  I might not be much of a help though.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • wtat is spezial candy?

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    • Hello Wikia contributor,

      It is nice to hear from you.  I never knew that I would actually get messaged.  Thanks for being the first.  However, please sign in or make an account, so I know who this is.

      To answer your question, there are three mainly known free special candies.  Of course, there are more, but these are the most significant.  They are the striped candy, the wrapped candy, and the color bomb.  The striped candy is created with four of the same colors and will explode in the same direction you created (in one line).  The next is wrapped candy, which is created if you match 5+ candies in an L shape. When it is activated, it will explode twice in a 3X3 grid.  Last is the color bomb, which is formed by matching 5+ candies in a straight line.  It will take out every same candy you switch it with.  Cool, huh?  Wait... there is more you can do with these.

      Striped Candy and Striped Candy Combo - Striped + striped is a workhorse combo that you should get used to using frequently. When you make this match, it creates a “plus sign” effect which clears the row and column from the site of the match. Note that this effect occurs, regardless of the direction of the stripes on the matched candies. This can be helpful if the stripes on your candies are the wrong direction. It can also be very helpful for positioning, and since it only takes two candies to create the special combo, it will save you the time and turns of moving other candies close enough to match with your striped candy.

      Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy Combo - The striped candy will become a big striped candy (taking a 3X3 square).  Then it will take out all the candies in both its horizontal and vertical direction.  Works like a big Striped Candy + Striped Candy Combo

      Striped Candy and Color Bomb Combo - If switched, every color of that striped candy will become more striped candy, and all will be activated.  One of the reasons striped + wrapped nudges into the best spot for special candy combos, is that it is much easier to create. Striped + color bomb is often more powerful, but since color bombs can’t be moved directly without causing a match with another candy, it is a lot hard to make this special candy combo happen. If you do succeed in creating it, the color bomb will explode and make all candies that are the color of the striped candy change into striped candies with stripes of random directions. They will then all explode in random order, creating multiple column and row bursts. It is sometimes beneficial to try a few random matches to get a few more candies of the target color on the screen, because if there are enough striped candies created in this way, it can clear the entire board. Needless to say, this can often lead to a single move win.

      Wrapped Candy+Wrapped Candy Combo - This is kind of underwhelming. It is perhaps pretty hard to get, and it explodes like Wrapped Candy, except in a wider range, giving you a lot of points.  However, its applications are narrow.

      Wrapped Candy+Color Bomb Combo - If switched, this combo has the effect of basically two stand alone color bombs, except that the second is for the most common occuring color at that omnipresent time. This combo can be used for any time you need to non-specifically wipe out some candy. If you already wanted to use the color bomb on the color that the wrapped candy happens to be go for it. Otherwise, I’d consider using them separately and saving the color bomb for the color of your choice.

      Color Bomb + Color Bomb Combo - This combo is extremely hard to get, and a rare treat you should capitalize on any chance you get. When the two color bombs are matched, a chain reaction sets off that destroys all candies on the screen.  but it is still something that is downright fun (if you like crushing candies). There isn’t much to be said in terms of strategy. If you get this pair, just match them.

      Sorry for the long response, but hope it helped!


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    • thks, hepled alot

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • and how much game modes are there.  i see 3 so fra. 

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    • Hello there, sorry for the late reply.  There has been a problem with the Difficulty template.

      To answer your question, there are 5 game modes in Candy Crush Saga.  Maybe you have only encountered three so far, but there is a lot more to look forward to.

      Moves & Score: In this game mode you have a limited number of switches before running out of moves. If you have not reached the score required to earn at least one Star, then you will fail the level. 

      Jelly: In this game mode the game board behind the candy is covered in jelly. Remove the jelly by matching candy on top of the jelly. If you fail to remove all jelly before running out of moves then you will fail the level.  Ingredients: In this game mode, ingredients will appear on the game board. Collect these ingredients by bringing them to their delivery point. On the side of the board you will see a recipe of how many ingredients you need to collect. If you do not bring down all the ingredients before running out of moves then you will fail the level.

      Time Limited: In this game mode there is a time limit. If you have not reached the score required to earn at least one Star when the time runs out, then you will fail the level.

      Candy Order: In this game mode, you are tasked with collecting a number of candies. This is done by removing the wanted candies. If you have not collected all the wanted candies before running out of moves then you will fail the level.

      Source: (I openly admit not using Candy Crush Saga Wiki for this.  However, check there if you need more information.)


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    • thanx

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi 3primetime3, I just want to see how offended I was:

    User blog:Julianthewiki/Being Offended

    You will see that Zombiebird4000 is offending me for saying the h-word, and also he thinks that Level 31 is nerfed

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  • Hello 3primetime3!

    Please participate in the poll regarding difficulty if you haven't done it already. It's very important to hear your opinions on this issue. Thank you!

    Here is the poll, be sure to check it out!

    User blog:Wildoneshelper/Poll on difficulty approach


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    • Hi Liquoritz!

      Nice to hear from you.  Sorry I didn't get this message until now; I usually check all of the time!

      Regarding the poll though, I was one of the first people to vote Option 4 (before and after the update).  I personally think that this difficulty war is just disappointing and frustrating.  The wiki is just going to get worse and worse if we keep it the way it is.

      In addition, I disagree with the new updated Option 5.  Having only registered voters vote is not democratic.  1, this idea will make the "wikia contributors" sad, and 2, it will not solve any solutions. 3, the wiki would not be democratic, leaving out a lot of the population to vote.

      Anyways, thanks for informing me about the poll!


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi 3primetime3... Congrats for being the first in the leaderboard!! Hope you can become an admin and make this wiki even better! Happy editing! :D

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    • Thanks TimBluesWin!

      I was lucky to making it first in the leaderboard.  There is no need to be congratulated for that XD.  The only reason is because I received two lucky candies next to each other (which granted me the 200 points ahead of Lefty.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi 3primetime3!

    Because of my english not being the best I'm unsure of some of the names.

    • Booster unlocker(s) - could this category be expressed in a better way or is it fine?
    • Episode opener(s) - is opener an acceptable term?
    • Levels with glitches - maybe this category needs to be renamed?
    • Millions of points earned - renaming?
    • Candy or candies?
    • Chocolate or chocolates?
    • Jelly or jellies?
    • Marmalade or marmalades?

    Please see my table


    BTW: I have found a way of organising the categories in the level pages, now it is just a mess. Like this:

    (Level type), (Episode),  Major milestones, World openers?/finales, Episode openers?/finales, Levels with (xx limit), Levels that need (orders), Levels with (xx-xx) spaces, (x)-colour levels, Levels with regular/double jelly?, Levels with (level specific candies), Levels with (misc candies), Levels with (blockers), Levels with (items), Levels without blockers, Levels with new things, Booster unlockers?, Redesigned levels, Levels that need luck?, (difficulty*)

    Bold - present in all levels

    (parentheses) - "insert something here"

    ? question mark - unsure about name

    asterisk - difficulty is subjective and controversial information that doesn't belong to a wiki. I'm still positive to polls on each levels just for fun.

    Limit = moves or time limit, Level specific candies = jelly fish, coconut wheels and lucky candies (and extra time candies but that's an unnecessary category, obviously), Misc candies = bombs, mystery candies and chameleon candies, Blockers = no need for explanation, Items = teleporters and candy cannons.

    Does it make any sense? Please let me know... :)

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    • Maybe Levels that unlock boosters?  Not sure either.

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    • Liquoritz,

      I will edit the things I did later.  I will continue with the corrections on level 157 and go back later.  Okay?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hey agin,

    same guy form before.  sorry my speling is bad bcause i cannot type on a smal keybord.

    two moer quetsions

    what is tsage 1/3 in cnady crush

    and what is lcuky candi?

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    • Hi Wikia Contributor!

      To answer your questions, stage 1/3 refers to the number of mystery quests that I have completed to move on to the next level.  I think you know what mystery quests are, since you are probably after level 35 by now.

      There are two types of Lucky Candy, one related to the game, and one related to the wiki. 

      About the game:

      Lucky Candy is a booster in Candy Crush Saga. It debuts in Level 131. It releases candies that can meet the objective. For example, a Striped Candy is produced in levels requiring Striped Candy and/or combos, a Wrapped Candy in levels requiring Wrapped Candy and/or combos, or a Colour Bomb in levels requiring Colour Bomb and/or combo, and normal colour candies in levels requiring certain amount of coloured candies. It is only used in Candy Order Levels. It looks like a pink ball with a check-mark.

      Besides being used as a booster, it can also be produced from a Mystery Candy in Candy Order Levels.

      About the wiki:

      Lucky Candy is a gold achievement (100 points) that you can earn if you make a lucky 1,000th edit on Candy Crush Wiki.  If you edit a lot, there is a better chance that you will earn the badge.

      Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions!


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • wow 3primetime3 you are editing many levels!

    what happened?

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