Flockky II

aka Flawkee

  • I live in Land of Dawn | Bloon World
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is College Student | ML Player | Bloons Tower Defense Flock Creator
  • I am a Granger Addict


Please demote my adminship. I am now retired. If you notice, I had long time being inactive, and now completely lost interest playing CCS and surfing the wiki. Bye and see ya soon fellow CCSWikians. Recently, im available on roblox (Flockky_Rocks24)

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  • Flockky pls check fb pm

    -NRN (Retired)

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  • Hey Flockky II (III?)! Good to see you back unofficially! How far are you currently in the game?

    In the past (around the 2015-2016 era), you have provided Level notes for most of the levels up to around Level 1800, by marking the in-game screenshots with bars of different colors indicating which elements spawn under this bar, as well as marking jellies, drop zones, fixed colors, conveyor directions, and where the teleporters teleport to. At the time of your retirement in early 2017, many of the levels no longer have these level notes (I have provided a very small amount in the past). The exciting part is that new elements are still being occasionally released!

    In the meantime, during my free time, I have found a way to collaborate with other existing wiki admins at the time to track newly released, unreleased, and redesigned configs. I have extracted all the config files, and have programmed a Java program that can extract and analyze these config files, and generate reports, statistical analyses, and a table of levels from it.

    Recently, I have (almost) completed a program that can extract all the currently existing configs and generate a blueprint in a "pseudo-8-bit blackboard" style.

    Episode 134

    Episode 170

    Feel free to ask any questions; provide any constructive criticism to my new blueprints. Hope you are able to put more level notes. Hope you enjoy a great time in Candy Crush AND Roblox! a mulligan. (talk) 03:45, August 5, 2018 (UTC)

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    • The (initial) config files have been delivered. They will be updated and tweaked slightly as for August I am at full activity (Active to Very Active). Can I ask others to kick your other Flockky accounts as they aren't used anymore?

      New elements are the Cane, the Waffle, and new dispensers.

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    • and Multilayered Chocolate.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are you back? You were inactive for 1 year now. Are you returning?

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    • hope you return.

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    • Are you still on fb chat? 

      -NRN (Retired)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, Flockky. I know, I was mad at you before because of the delay of your comeback. However, it doesn't meant that I am now forgetting your helps on this wikia. Look, your helps on this wikia are appreciated by many users, including me. It is sad to hear that you're retired.

    Remember our past memories (especially in the 2015 - 2016)? You were active on both wikia and Facebook almost every days. You were one of the user that I was looking for the most. I remember, we had talked about many stuffs, especially on PM. We were also editing together along with few active users. I truly missed the time, and that really helped me to stay happy whenever I'm still on this wikia. This along with helping me to move on about the past dramas I had before.

    It'll be hard and sad to let us lost you from the community. It seems that we can no longer catch each others on chat forever, especially when you're now retired. I hope that doesn't mean we can't talk to each others anymore. I know you lost interest in CCS lately, and to be honest, I kind of do too. Thanks to the later levels with ridiculous difficulty, I have finally gave up catching up my CCS progress to the recent levels and I have quit the game. But I still editing on this wikia and work on my fanon occasionally. I am on the Discord recently, would you mind creating an account if you don't have one and give me your username and the four digits tag so that I can add you?

    I hope you can take some times to read my message I just leave on you. Thank you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You will be dearly missed. I thank you for being one of the top contributors and administrators in this Wikia - I hope you will return soon (at least a one-off basis)!

    Your contributions in graphic/picture processing, information extraction, image uploading, and most importantly, determining difficulty, are pivotal points of making this wiki successful. I never had the skill to expertly create such ingenious graphic processing that adds life and activity to this wiki. You had one of the most creative profile pages, adorned with animations and information. You also once updated your Angry Birds-themed profile picture every so often.

    Just remember that I actually started out in this wiki circa October 2013; initially I am anonymous voting in polls and commenting on levels. I created my first account (now unofficial), -----Mâck Mulligan----- (coincidentally you signed up just two days later!) and I noticed how creative and contributing you are in this wiki! Around that time, I actually barely contributed to anything, and it is only until May 11 2015 (see Dozy Dawn: I intended to sign on May 6) that I created the Mulliganaceous account. And even then I am not active at all until August 2015 to February 2016, and then until February 2017. Unlike you, I had much larger up-and-down times, and I attained adminship much later (it happened Mar 17, 2017) with a much lower edit count that you. You had always been active on this wiki (unless you stated so), especially during the 2015-2016 winter.

    It is unfortunate that you have declared yourself retired, owing to personal reasons and other computer projects. I wonder which other wikis and games (especially Roblox) you are on. I hope you can also make a one-off appearance as well after your retirement.

    I hope you can take the time to read my thank you message, and leave a reply on your thoughts of being an administrator in this wiki.

    Congradulations Flockky II. You truly deserve to be deserving to belong to this wiki. ^_^

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    • I also have a story to tell you. Please note that it is a very long message, but I encourage you to read it fully. It will be an exciting mini-story.

      You can also share your stories in Candy Crush and go on chat once more before you are gone for good. I can even give you something that was once unseen in this wiki!

      Before Candy Crush, the games I put serious playtime to are: Backyard Monsters, Empires and Allies, Army Attack (MAY 2011 - SEP 2012). Especially during the 2011-2012 winter and 2012 summer I also regularly visited the Empires and Allies wiki (Jianhui, another former admin here was also admin in this wiki). It is this wiki which made me want to investigates the internal workings of the game and inspiring me to leak and analyze elements.

      I quitted all three games and deleted my first facebook account *cold turkey*. I am getting a little tired from losing game friends and having the game itself lose its former popularity.

      At that time Zynga was the top online gaming company on Facebook. I noticed Candy Crush slowly rising up the ranks until this game became the most popular Facebook game. I also noticed that the games I once played were gradually losing in popularity, and so I eventually stopped playing it since it could get boring. I also expected that they might eventually close once the games lost enough of the active players. Around mid-2013, development of Backyard Monsters have came to a standstill, and Empires and Allies was closed permanently. I only tried this game once some time in May 2013, but I am completely uninterested in it. My sister also tried this game once.

      At the time I got another facebook account, I tried Candy Crush again, along with other mobile games. I tried Candy Crush circa October 2013. Interestingly, it is not the candies which make me attracted to Candy Crush, but the numbers and statistics behind it, especially scores and comparing/analyzing numbers with my friends (it is also probably the reason why CCS got so popular). There were 500 total levels and no Dreamworld at the time. I also found ways to override lives, the theoretical most hated element on both web and mobile. But even that does not mean I am dedicated to this game. Do you know what got me into this game?

      The wiki itself. It shows the progression of this game as it unfolds new levels, elements, and combinations

      This wiki, along with my interpretation of Candy Crush as a mathematically challenging game, allowed me to become an active player. Initially, I was an anonymous user, who voted on polls of notable levels (such as 147, 350, 500). Then I created a new profile, -----Mâck Mulligan----- (now renamed) on February 23 2014, but I only made around a hundred edits within the span of one year. I still regularly visit this wiki along with a variety of other wikis (mostly anime, Star Wars, and a few other games), but I do not have any important things to edit there.

      During the days before Mulliganaeous, I was not into this game continuously. In fact, I have been inactive from this game for months: I have only been active playing this game from OCT 2013-JUL 2014, a short time in 2015, the 2015-2016 winter up to APRIL 2016, and FEB 2017 onwards. The mobile games I mostly played are: Flappy Bird, 2048 (actually a clone of Threes), Threes, Doodle Jump (a classic), DIVE (harder, more creative than 2048 and Threes), and Free Flow. On the desktop, I played hardcore Facebook games including War Commander, Battle Pirates, and Vega Conflict. I managed to reach to the mid-levels in War Commander (Level 29) and Battle Pirates (Level 26)! Again, as always, I regularly read the wikis regarding the games I played, provided that the wiki is good.

      Around April 2015, I am surprised that Dreamworld is ending, which I thought was totally unexpected. As a fan of heavy and extreme metal music, I created this account and put a satanic pentagram as my profile picture, alluding to the relation of 666 and the end of Dreamworld. Initially I was only active for a short time at the time Dreamworld ended, but I decided to spring back into activity around August 2015.

      This is the beginning of my first active streak. It officially lasted from October 2015 to April 2016, and I made many edits every day. It is also the time I got my 100-day streak, but I narrowly missed the 200-day streak. Unlike now, many of my edits are either in the mainspace or forum posts in the Local Games board, and I often used VisualEditor rather than source editor. I participated in the ßan the Person Above You and Count to 699 game. I also got the Rollback position at that time, and continued to play the game while assuming as an ordinary user. Template and more important edits are not a thing of me yet, but my most significant contribution is the posting of leaked level previews.

      And after April 2016 I became more inactive. Interestingly I attained Content Mod status around October 2016, but I have been relatively inactive for over 6 months, not to mention that I also barely played this game during that time. Even one person noted that I was about to get inactive when I was nominated for Content Mod.

      Despite my semi-inactivity, there is some thing that continues to inspire me to stay on this wiki. Leaking levels, analyzing the internal structure of the game, and providing statistical analysis, all at the same time letting me rapidly build my programming and computer science skills.

      I decided to rise back to activity at FEB 2017, both on the game and on the wiki. I also made a User Activity blog post, and attained Adminship soon after on MAR 17 2017. But this time it is entirely different. I no longer spend my time on local games, except for level design contests and a few other stuff there. I am here to program software that can extract configs and player scores directly from the game, as well as converting these extracted txt files into datastructures and matrices. I used these datastructures and matrices to extract information for each of the levels and the scores of a sample group of players, which then would be used for statistical analysis, categorization, and enumeration. Initially, my activity level is compromized by *university debt* and many other unfinished assignments, but I have became particularly active during MAY 2017.

      There is one terrible news here: Dreamworld was officially discontinued on MAY 17 2017 (Also exactly the finish of my 2nd month of Adminship). It was completely against my expectations. Dreamworld indeed got the 666 treatment.

      Also, I noticed that King is gradually losing creativity in the designing of levels and maps. Many episodes do not feature any entirely new elements, and element introduction droughts can get quite long. Many levels are starting to look a little generic despite its complexity. King is also starting to provide static cutscenes (happened soon after the end of Dreamworld), repeat episode pathways, and reuse characters. The highest levels released by King is also attaining legendary off-the-scale difficulties, with two of then having averages above Extremely Hard!

      But that doesn't stop me from programming more CCS-extracting programs! Unlike the last facebook games I played, I will continue to be active in Candy Crush until the the game itself got the 666 treatment!

      Sorry about that though, but at that point my story already got 1200 words (exactly 1201)! This is probably the longest ever comment or user wall message I ever posted! I did not have time to revise it, since I wanted to send to you right when you replied on my thank you note, but you should give a constructive rating and criticism on my story. ^_^

      I posted several content that involved my program:

      I also have several questions to ask you. You only need to provide approximate answers.

      • How many levels have more than 50 moves?
      • How many levels have all 162 jellies?
      • What is the average number of ingredients needed to collect in this game?
      • How many order levels require orders of a specific kind?
        • Candy colors
        • Special candies
        • Striped+Striped
        • Striped+Wrapped
        • Wrapped+Wrapped
        • Striped+Colorbomb
        • Wrapped+Colorbomb
        • Colorbomb+Colorbomb
        • Non-spawning candy colors
      • Which levels have one-star reqirements below 10000?
      • Which levels require millions of points?
      • Is there any error or inconsistencies in the number of levels by type in this wiki?
        • Blockers
      • How many order levels require unassisted colorbomb+colorbomb comboes?
      • Important Question! Did you see any of the content of that type before I posted them?
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    • Thank you Flockky, for being an AWESOME contributor.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm having enough with this now. I noticed you have been delaying your come back loads of times since early February. Yes, at least I know why you do this for first few times, but I don't know what is your intention of further delaying your come back lately. Consecutively delaying your activity like this will not helps lowering the risk of getting demotion you know that, alright? This is the last chance for you to retain your adminship. If you still don't come back within one week from now, I'll be sorry but I have to demote you for your excess inactivity.

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  • I'm back to candy crush wiki~

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    • Hope can see you on the wiki as soon as possible~ :)

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    • Oh hey. I'll see you soon. I lost interest in CCS and wiki currently. And now officially retired 'coz I'm loving Roblox now

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    • 好的~ 事實上,我現在也很少在玩candy crush了。


      Translation :

      Okey~ In fact, I seldom playing candy crush, too.

      Because the map and level is endless, make me so tired~

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    • Flockky II wrote: Oh hey. I'll see you soon. I lost interest in CCS and wiki currently. And now officially retired 'coz I'm loving Roblox now

      (Note: Not related to topic) Oh cool! I also have ROBLOX too! I'm not as active though... (ROBLOXian is nayah12340)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Flockky! I noticed that as of level 2166, no difficulty has been assigned to any of the levels (difficulty is "undetermined"). Do you expect that a difficulty level will eventually be assigned to these levels (i.e. as more people rate the level)? The episode with that level came out four months ago, so I was surprised to see that there was still no difficulty assigned. Thank you!

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    • DoCheonGong wrote:
      I may add difficulty for now. I was too busy to work here because of the exam. Since exam was done, I may help the job as a replacement for difficulty adder.

      You better do it coz I can't able to do it al by myself because I lost interest to do so

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    • Thank you, I see that the difficulty ratings have been added up to 2240. Hopefully at some point later on, you or someone else will have time to assign a difficulty to some of the levels beyond that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Episode background and champion title of Bouncy Bayou.

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    ★ Flawkee ★

    Have an amazing day! ツ

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