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  • Hello! I am new on this site. I have player in the past this game and when I came back (2-3 days) I saw that the game has changed. When I read the page with the flash world 4 it says that the easiest episode is Candy Clouds but it is not actually. It is Jelly Jungle (I am at lvl 294 now). The information needs to be updated. But one thing is Very Hard: choosing the dificult of the episode. Can you help Me update the information? Thanks from Romania.

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  • Ever since you joined this wiki almost two years ago, you contributed consistently to the wiki joining in discussions and updating level pages, and you now have reached your 300 edit milestone.

    Keep up the good work and keep this wiki alive!

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  • I know there is a sockpuppet vandalising the wiki but you don't need to categorize his edits with the candidates for deletion category.

    I have been notifying admins via Discord since it is much more quicker, and even admins that dodn't use discord will still see the edits made, so it isn't required :)

    Candidates for deletion category is usually used for pages that are old or no longer have use.

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