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Milky Moo
Gender Female
First appearance Chocolate-Barn
Problem Chocolate Barn: She needs chocolate milk but doesn't have the means to make it.
Solution Chocolate Barn: Tiffi helps and plants chocolate-type flowers and Milky Moo's chocolate milk supply flourishes.
Full list of appearances Reality:


Milky Moo is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a cow and encountered in the 17th episode Chocolate Barn. Before introducing level 231, she requires chocolate milk but does not have the means to make it. After completing level 245Tiffi helps and plants chocolate-type flowers, and Milky Moo's chocolate milk supply flourishes.

She reappears in the 135th episode, Corny Crossroads. She is getting abducted by a mysterious UFO. Tiffi ties the cow to the ground before the UFO can escape.

In the 154th episode, Swirly Steppes, Milky Moo is swept up in a giant cotton candy swirl. Tiffi joins the whirly adventure with her soda jet pack and makes sure Milky Moo looks just as fly as her.

In the 181st episode, Balloon Barn, she and Tiffi are playing in the bounce house.

In the 215th episode, Fruity Farmland, Tiffi uses a big bottle of soda to make her crops grow faster.

In the 255th episode, Strawberry Shire, Tiffi is collecting strawberries for her cakes.

In the 17th Dreamworld episode, Funny Farm, she, another cow and Tiffi enjoy a feast full of chocolate goodies.


  • In real life, cows cannot produce chocolate milk. To make chocolate milk, you have to put chocolate syrup or cocoa powder in milk.
  • She doesn't appear in Funky Farm.