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Minty's Cake Quest was a special event. This event had 8 countries and each country had 8 cities and each city has 4 levels. In each city, if the player meets the level failure message, he/she will slide down to the first level of that city. Exiting the level before making the first move however will not cause him/her to slide down. After completing 8 cities, a country hill that had 5 levels appeared. Different players started with different countries.


A party without cake is no fun! Win rewards as players help Minty gather ingredients.

Event datesEdit

First version: November 4 to December 4, 2016


Minty's Cake Quest Music


  • This event was released on mobile devices to some players on November 2016 and officially release on version 1.88.
  • The moves of each player may be different. The first two cities that a player plays, each levels has +5 moves, the third city that a player plays each levels has +4 moves, the fourth city that a player plays each levels has +3 moves, the fifth city that a player plays each levels has +2 moves, the sixth city that a player plays each levels has +1 move, and the seventh and onward cities the player plays have no additional moves.
  • For a long time, there had only been two iterations of Minty's Cake Quest. There is no evidence to date that this event will be continued as it appears to be removed from Mobile along with Dreamworld. However, a third season has premiered, this time being Mighty Mountains.


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