Minty's Soda Splash was a special event, namely the second series of Minty's Cake Quest. This event had 8 countries and each country had 8 cities and each city had 4 levels. In each city, if the player met the level failure message, he/she will slide down to the first level of that city. Exiting the level before making the first move however will not cause him/her to slide down. After completing 8 cities, a country hill that had 5 levels appeared. Different players started with different countries.

This can be regarded as the 2016-2017 analogue of the Christmas 2015 events.


Win rewards as players help Minty to collect soda to spread colour!

Event datesEdit

First version: December 13, 2016 to January 13, 2017


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  • The moves of each player may be different. The first two cities that a player plays, each level that has +5 moves, the third and fourth city that a player plays each level that has +4 moves, the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth city and the first country hill that a player plays each level that has +3 moves, the rest of the countries that the player plays each level have no additional moves.
  • This is the second season of the event Minty's Cake Quest.
    • The levels are almost same as Minty's Cake Quest.
  • "Soda Splash" is also the name of an episode of Candy Crush Soda Saga.
  • There are no evidence that a third season will start. It is likely that Minty's Cake Quest, along with Dreamworld, are discontinued on Mobile.


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