Not to be confused with Claude in the 85th episode, Bonbon Bistro and 100th episode, Delicious Dynasty.
Character EP43
Gender Female
First appearance Taffy-Tropics
Problem The monkey is hungry, but a snake is blocking the bananas.
Solution Tiffi plays a flute to lure the snake away.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Banana Bay

Monkey is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She appeared in the 43rd episode, Taffy Tropics. Before introducing level 621, The monkey is hungry, but a snake has coiled itself around the bananas. After completing level 635, Tiffi uses her flute to lure the snake away and the monkey became satisfied.

In the 43rd Dreamworld episode, Banana Bliss, she is on top of lots of bananas, while Tiffi, wearing a turban, plays her flute on top of the snake.


  • She stole the piece of cake in the Cake Crumbs weekend event. The clues left are a reddish pigtail, slipper, and banana peel.
  • She is the newest character to have dialogue in the story.


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