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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

For the phenomenon, see Moon Struck.
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Moon Struck was a powerful booster in Candy Crush Saga exclusive to the Dreamworld. It was unlocked in level 15. When activated, it behaved like regular moon struck for 5 moves, whilst keeping the moon scale balanced. It was released on 5 March 2014 along with the new episodes, Cookie Cabana and Dizzy Dessert for only a few players. Players got 3 boosters to try out. Note that this booster was disabled during regular moon struck.



Mouse-over text on Moonstruck booster

Release the Moon Struck effect and it removes at least one candy colour for 5 moves.


This booster could be used at any time while the player is balancing the Moon Scale. Activating this booster would go into instant moon struck mode for 5 moves (ignoring level-specific moon struck duration), removing candy colours until there were four, and exempting the players from balancing the Moon Scale. Some important points about this booster:

  • Activating it would not increase the total remaining moves by another 5.
  • Activating it with less than 5 moves left would not bring the total moves remaining back to 5.
  • Once all 5 moves have been used, the moon scale will not return to its previous state as it was just before this booster was activated, it would start from scratch.

It was recommended to activate Moon Struck when the Moon Scale is empty. It was not advised to activate the moon struck booster if you were close to filling the moon scale already, unless you really were running out of moves, and even then less expensive boosters should be used.

This booster was the most useful for very hard Dreamworld levels that had a very unstable moon scale long recharge times, and, more preferably, levels whose regular Moon Struck lasted only one move.


  • This was one of boosters you can't get from the daily booster wheel. It was possibly because all boosters on the wheel should be used for Reality and Dreamworld.
  • This booster, along with the +5 moves booster, were not given discounts during any promotions.
  • This booster only appeared on Dreamworld levels. It is unseen, let alone not used in Reality.
  • This was also the most expensive booster on mobile.
  • This booster was not introduced when Dreamworld was first released until the release of Cookie Cabana or Dizzy Dessert, where the booster was released as a test, and Coral Corral at its official release.