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Moves are one of the main features of Candy Crush Saga. A move consists of matching at least three same-coloured candy in a row. A successful match will bring down the total number of remaining moves by one. Moves can also be made by combining a colour bomb with a candy or another special candy, or a coconut wheel with a regular or special candy. (And formerly using free switch or moving the candy frog to another tile.)

Any remaining moves left over from a level will result in Sugar Crush. On moves levels, Sugar Crush happens when and only when the player runs out of moves.

On mobile, the move counter will blink as a warning when there are five moves remaining. This applies even to levels that begin with five or fewer moves.

The moves can range from a mere 1 move (Happy New Year 2015 and Level 4206) or 5 moves (976, 1055, and Dreamworld level 463) to a generous 90 moves (Level 15 beta).[1] When you run out of moves and haven't reached the objective(s), you will fail the level.


Moves description

The in-game description of moves is: "Every successful switch costs a move. Game ends when all are used." (It is shown when the mouse pointer hovers above the moves section).

Gaining moves

There are currently two ways of gaining additional moves in levels, with the third way being introduced at a later stage:

  • A friend can send +3 extra moves if you have been stuck on a level for at least 2 days. This is activated before the level starts.
  • An extra moves booster can be activated during a game at any time. If you run out of moves before completing a level, the game offers you a chance to buy an extra 5 moves, and up to 50 moves after the eighth and further failures.
  • The third way is to collect extra moves candies, a new type of candy which is the counterpart of the discontinued extra time candies. Each extra moves candy gives three extra moves. They are officially introduced in level 3779.



  1. Candy Crush Saga Level 15 (BETA-LEVEL)

    Candy Crush Saga Level 15 (BETA-LEVEL)

Statchart moves E245

Chart and trend of all moves and time limit by episode and level as of the release of Episode 245.

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