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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

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Moves levels were one of the seven level types in Candy Crush Saga. This level type's icon was orange with two white left and right arrows.

Moves levels used to appear as the first five levels of the game before they were all replaced with new order level tutorials.

In Dreamworld, they made up 3.76% of the 665 Dreamworld levels, at 25 moves levels overall. 7 timed levels in Reality were converted to moves levels as their Dreamworld counterparts.

Moves levels were common in the first year of the game, after which they did not appear until Cereal Sea. The rare presence of moves levels was due to the fact that this was the simplest level type. After a fluctuating trend, it was fixed to an average of 1 per episode starting in Pudding Patch. Moves levels did not appear after Bubble Base.

Many timed levels had been changed to moves levels, before being redesigned into other types of levels starting in late 2020.

On 13 July 2021, almost every remaining moves level was converted into other level types due to underperformance. On 31 August, the last 25 moves levels were redesigned, thereby making this level type extinct.

Compared to the other types, moves has been voted to be the easiest type.


To win moves levels, the player had to reach at least a certain score within a set amount of moves. Unless the player hadn't beaten the level, all moves had to be used, meaning they may had to watch out for Candy Bombs and other blockers. Once all moves were used, Sugar Crush would activate all special candies on the board.

Since v1.153 on HTML5, moves levels regained their tutorial-like traits as seen on the five tutorial levels in 2014 to a degree. Now, when you reached the set target score, Sugar Crush would automatically be triggered, with a striped candy created per every remaining move, allotting the player 3,000 points each. However, this was only triggered on your first time completing a moves level, not replaying.

Web description[]

You have a limited number of switches before running out of moves. If you use up all your moves before reaching the score required to earn at least one star, you will fail the level.



Moves levels were usually easier than any other level types, but there were still a few hard moves levels such as 3591, 3995, 4183, and 4766.

A majority of later moves levels were considerably more complex, often utilising bombs to prevent you from completing them even if you had reached the target score. Some of the later moves levels also required extremely high scores to pass.

If you reached 1 star, sugar crush would be activated. At first, all special candies on the board would be activated, then the remaining moves would be turned into striped candies, each scoring you 3,000 points, increasing the chance of getting sugar stars.


Moves levels were the easiest type in Dreamworld. There were no extremely hard moves levels. There were some very hard move levels, but not too many, unlike other types. Levels 43 and 114 were hard moves levels. Some levels (such as 122) were considered to be hard due to candy bombs. Also, as with Reality, you needed to reach the end of the level to pass; if the game ended by Odus falling off the moon scale or the candy bomb exploding, you would still fail the level.


There has been a series of mechanics changes in late 2019, plus subsequent scoring changes which negatively impacted Candy Bombs and colour bomb. The score requirements of other levels were no longer effective, as the player is bumped to the 1-star target upon completing the objectives below the target score. The game-start interface also received a redesign de-emphasizing the specific level types and the target score, and instead emphasizing on the objectives. This also hinted the gradual phasing out of moves levels. The last Moves levels released was Level 6822 and from there on further moves levels suddenly ceased to show up.

When the scoring system was redesigned (negatively) in September 2020, upon release of v1.186 (after April Fools 2020, and on the Flash's very last days), almost all moves levels were indirectly buffed. A mass redesign soon follows to accommodate these moves levels and many other levels prominently featuring candy bombs.

In 2020, moves levels were gradually being replaced by other level types in several waves. Some players may get these re-typings earlier due to selective redesigning. An ongoing mass redesign resulted in the total rehaul of tutorial levels, and even the first five levels have been replaced with completely different order levels.

Moves levels were finally put to extinction from the map on 31 August 2021, when the last of the 25 were redesigned. Moves levels are still coded into the game, but it is not expected any new moves levels might show up until there has been another scoring redesign.


  • Before the 31 August 2021 removal, all 25 remaining moves levels in the game were either 4- or 5-coloured.
  • Moves levels and timed levels were the only types of levels where Sugar Crush could happen more than once. This would happen if the player bought Extra Moves or Extra Time after failing to reach the target score.
  • This was the first level type introduced in Candy Crush Saga before the the redesign of level 1 in mid-2021.
  • On mobile / HTML5, after the player got more than the one-star target score, the game would choose that score as a target for the next time they played the level. However, this does not affect the one-star target score.
  • Liquorice curls, liquorice fences, order locks, sour skulls, bonbon blitz or dark chocolate fountains never appeared in moves levels. Jelly jars had no chance of appearing in moves levels even if they were still being made, since they could only appear in levels that require jelly. Also, moves levels and rainbow rapids levels (or rainbow rapids mixed levels) never coexisted in the same episode. Moves levels never had different colour schemes as opposed to the standard colour scheme.
    • There were no moves levels beyond the 5500s prior to their removal. Prior to moves levels being phased out, they never appeared in the 7000s or beyond.
  • The years when moves levels were added and were removed are almost the same number (2012 and 2021), with the last two digits switched.
  • Despite that the Moves level was removed and the game will automatically raise to one stars once the player completes the level's objectives with zero star, its failure message "You did not reach the target score" (with a star between the message) is still shown if failing jelly-order mixed mode level by finishing all the orders but not all jelly were cleared, which the correct level failure message should be "You did not clear all the jelly".

List of Moves levels[]

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