This is a character in Candy Crush Saga, for character in Candy Crush Soda, see here.
Mr. Pear
Character EP34
Gender Male
First appearance Meringue-Moor
Problem He wants to become a candy.
Solution Tiffi jumps and cuts the rope causing the pear to became a candy.
Full list of appearances Reality:


Mr. Pear is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is encountered in the 34th episode, Meringue Moor. Before introducing level 486, he is being held over a pot and begs for Tiffi to become a candy and to cut the rope so he falls in. After level 500, Tiffi jumps and cuts the rope; Mr. Pear falls in and comes out as beautiful as ever and he became a candy as he wanted.

He's also introduced in the 383rd episode with the same name.

In the 34th Dreamworld episode, Sprinkle Springs, he is very relaxed into a chocolate bucket with Tiffi, wearing sunglasses, and enjoying a drink.


  • Mr. Pear resembles much like Papa Pear from another game, Papa Pear Saga. Hence it's name, Mr. Pear is a tribute to the said game.


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