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This is a character in Candy Crush Saga, for character in Candy Crush Soda, see here.
Mr. Pear
Character EP34
Gender Male
First appearance Meringue-Moor
Problem He wants to become a candy.
Solution Tiffi jumps and cuts the rope causing the pear to became a candy.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Meringue Moor
Meringue Moor


Mr. Pear was a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He was encountered in the 34th episode, Meringue Moor. Before introducing level 486, he was being held over a pot and begs for Tiffi to become a candy and to cut the rope so he falls in. After level 500, Tiffi jumped and cut the rope; Mr. Pear fell in and comes out as beautiful as ever and he became a candy as he wanted.

He was seen once more in the 383rd episode with the same name (otherwise named Candy Cane Canopy).

In the 34th Dreamworld episode, Sprinkle Springs, he was very relaxed into a chocolate bucket with Tiffi, wearing sunglasses, and enjoying a drink.


  • Mr. Pear resembled much like Papa Pear from another game, Papa Pear Saga. Hence it's name, Mr. Pear was a tribute to the said game.
  • Mr. Pear was based on the game developer Patrik Swartz and was created as a tribute for when he was leaving the Candy Crush Saga team to join the development of Papa Pear Saga.
  • He is one of the characters with only one Flash appearance (except for its Dreamworld counterpart), and only one HTML5 appearance on an exact replica episode. He is the first such character to have this trait. The next one is the Organist.
  • Papa Pear Saga shut down on 2022 January 14. Thus, it is unlikely Mr. Pear will ever appear in a future episode or event, further supporting that the April Fools 2020 names are here to stay.