Mr. Rockstar
Character EP28
Gender Male
First appearance Polkapalooza
Problem Polkapalooza: His hair does not sparkle.
Solution Polkapalooza: Tiffi applies a sugary hairspray to his hair.
Full list of appearances Reality:


Mr. Rockstar is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is encountered in the 28th episode, Polkapalooza. Before introducing level 396, he has to cancel his concert because his hair is not sparkling anymore. After completing level 410, Tiffi helps Mr. Rockstar by using a sugar spray. He then rocks out on his guitar, and eventually plays at his concert.

In the 170th episode, Candy Concert, he is singing with guitar while performing at the concert night with Tiffi along with regular and special candies in the audience.

In the 28th Dreamworld episode, Rambunctious Riffs, he performs together with Tiffi with her own guitar.


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