Mr. Snail
Character EP40
Gender Male
First appearance Gummy-Gardens
Problem He is worried that he will be late for his date.
Solution Tiffi attaches balloons to him so that he can float to his date.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Candied Conservatory

Mr. Snail is a minor character of Candy Crush Saga. He first appears in the 40th episode, Gummy Gardens. Before introducing level 576Tiffi encounters Mr. Snail, he wonders if he will come on time to the greenhouse for his date. After completing level 590, Tiffi gives the snail balloons, and he does not worry about being late anymore.

He appears in the 422nd episode, Candied Conservatory.

In the 40th Dreamworld episode, Playful Pavilion, he has a blimp on his back and rides around in the air, while Tiffi holds balloons.


  • In Playful Pavilion, his shell is invisible. It may be inside the gummy blimp on his back.
  • He has competed in the Animal Kingdom half-marathon in March and is up against Mario the Goldfish from Pet Rescue Saga.


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