Not to be confused with Count in the 99th episode, Dessert Desert.
Mr. Vampire
Gender Male
First appearance Crunchy-Castle
Problem He's sick and can't go to the Halloween party.
Solution Tiffi gives him a yellow candy and he's cured.
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Mr. Vampire is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is encountered in the 16th episode, Crunchy Castle. Before introducing level 216, he tells Tiffi that he cannot go to a Halloween party because of his sickness. However, after completing level 230 and the episode as a whole, Tiffi offers a yellow garlic-shaped candy to cure him against illness. After that, they both begin to dance in a disco-like lighting.

In the 16th Dreamworld episode, Sleepy Sunrise, Mr. Vampire wears a new outfit and slippers.


  • In many legends, vampires are weak against garlic and many other objects.
  • As of now, he hasn't appeared on an HTML5-exclusive episode.


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