Mr. Yeti
Gender Male
First appearance Chocolate-Mountains
Problem Chocolate Mountains: He is asleep.
Toffee Tower: He sleeps on the tower.
Solution Chocolate Mountains: Tiffi wakes him up.
Toffee Tower: Tiffi wakes him up with an air horn, causing him to lose his balance and fall down from the tower.
Full list of appearances Major appearances (Reality):
Bun Bakery
Buttery Bistro

Minor appearances (Reality):


Mr. Yeti (also known as Yeti) is a recurring main character in Candy Crush Saga. He runs the Yeti Shop where the player can buy boosters (and originally charms), and he is the main character in the 4th episode, Chocolate Mountains and the 48th episode, Toffee Tower. Tiffi encounters him in level 36, but he is asleep when Tiffi first meets him. After completing level 50, she manages to wake him up. He thanked Tiffi for waking him up. Mr. Yeti also introduces the timed levels.

In Toffee Tower, he re-appears sleeping on the tower. After completing level 710, Tiffi wakes him up with an air horn, causing him to lose his balance and fall down from the tower. It is unknown what happened to Mr. Yeti after that.

He makes a cameo appearance in the story arcs representing Worlds Eleven and Twelve. He is one of the 4 characters to appear in the audience. The three other characters are Denize, Bubblegum Troll, and Mr. Toffee, from left to right. He also makes a cameo appearance in Syrupy Circus. He is among the spectators in the circus show.

He appears in Peppermint Party to celebrate New Year's Day!

In the 114th episode, Sugar Shrubs, Tiffi combs his fur to make it untangled.

In the 134th episode, Bubblegum Bazaar, he saw the bead drawn a level design along with Tiffi and Bubblegum Troll.

In the 145th episode, Pastry Peaks, he was baking a three-layered cake for Tiffi's visit, but it got burned. Tiffi uses her magical paintbrush to sugarcoat the sooty mess.

In the 178th episode, Meringue Mansion, he is having fun at the masquerade in the Meringue Mansion with Tiffi.

In the 195th episode, Banana Buffet, he needs help for the harvest, as the bananas are everywhere. Tiffi works swiftly, and makes them all into a delicious banana split.

He appears in the 200th episode, Festive Fiesta to celebrate Happy New Year 2018.

Mr. Yeti also makes a cameo in the 4th Dreamworld episode, Aurora Chocorealis. There is no story that involves him but he appears in the background with a dreamy palette-swap.

He also appears in the April Fool's Day (2020) episode, Chocolate Mountain.

Web descriptionEdit

Yeti is Tiffi’s best friend in the Candy Kingdom and is by her side through all her adventures.
He’s definitely the coolest guy in Candy Town, so laid back he’s practically horizontal!
He’s really likeable but a little slow to respond sometimes. Legend has it, it’s because he’s busy eating delicious chocolate in his home in the Chocolate Mountains. It’s really hard to get him to stop because they are just so yummy!


  • Mr. Yeti introduces his shop at level 14 even though Tiffi officially meets him at level 36.
  • Mr. Yeti is very sleepy, as he encountered himself to fall asleep in both the Chocolate Mountains and Toffee Tower.
  • He bathes in a big bath of soda, five times a day because it makes his fur sparkle.
  • He did not appear in the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise.
  • He is one of the characters to have appeared in Candy Crush Soda Saga.
    • In Candy Crush Soda Saga, he appears in 1st episode, Candy Town.
    • He is also the main character in Candy Crush Soda Saga.
  • He is one of the characters that had the same problem twice (he is asleep). The other character with that trait is Allen (his spaceship crashed).
  • He signed Misty's birthday card.
  • In a event "Win a horror poster", he is wielding a lollipop hammer in the Candy Crush Saga - The Crusher Revenge Is Sweet poster.
    • He seems to be drowning in soda in the Candy Crush Soda Saga - Rise Of The Soda poster.
  • In the mobile event "Tasty Mission", he is collecting these ingredients to bake a pie: A purple candy, some multi-coloured sweets (which look like Skittles), and a red jellyfish.
  • While he wears nothing in Peppermint Party of the web version, he is seen wearing a pair of glasses shaped in the number "2016" in the mobile equivalent event "Happy New Year".
  • All episodes that he is featured in as the main character are no higher than very hard and no lower than somewhat easy.
  • He was trapped by Jelly Queen in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.
  • In Candy Crush Friends Saga, he is one of the playable characters.


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