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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

Mystery Purple Candy

Mystery candy can be good or bad, but it is always fun to find out.

—Splash text

Mystery Red Candy

Mystery candy (also known as mystery eggs) was one of the secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. It was an abundant type of secondary special candy in the 200s and 300s. It first appeared as the new element in the 17th episode, Chocolate Barn, first appearing in level 231. It was of normal candy colour and was broken just like normal candies. It was elliptically shaped with a question mark on them. When broken, a surprise, whether it be good or bad outcome, came out of the bag. There were many different good or bad outcomes, The odds of a good or bad outcome were roughly 50-50.

In April 2021, mystery candies have been removed from all levels, and this update was announced officially on King Community. The Community Manager stated that these elements were out of date and "would not be greenlit if we were to introduce them as completely new elements" [1]. They were partially brought back four months later, thanks to power pops.

They can only appear in levels in the form of power pops, which is a booster introduced in August 2021. These mystery candies never reveal blockers; instead, they reveal only special candies or a plain candy.


Mystery candies appeared in almost all levels in Chocolate Barn and after that, their abundance decreased. There were few levels where mystery candies came out from somewhere of the board, otherwise they would never come back. Mystery candies formerly appeared in later levels and would appear once in a while.

Some levels had a constant supply of mystery candies. It is supposed that a few types of hidden dispensers would spawn these mystery candies at certain locations. However, they would not spawn during sugar crush. Mystery Candy Candy Cannons first appeared in Level 2034 upon first release.


Mystery candies revealed both beneficial and harmful elements. All ratings are approximate, which means the table may not be correct. This table does not apply for Mystery Candies revealed from Power Pops, since these Myster Candies otherwise only reveal Special Candies or nothing in a 1:1 ratio.

Rating Approximate Chance
A (abundant) ≥ 10% (about 1 in 7)
C (common) 5 ~ 10% (about 1 in 15)
F (frequent) 3 ~ 5% (about 1 in 30)
O (occasional) 0.1 ~ 3% (about 1 in 50)
R (rare) < 0.1% (1 in 1000)

Coloured elements will be of a random entering candy colour.


If you were lucky, you will get a special candy from the egg. These are the possible favourable outcomes.

For special booster candies, the outcome was one of jelly fish, coconut wheel, lucky candy, or extra time candy depending on level type. The Coconut Wheel was an exception that would have appeared in any type of level.

All of these outcomes had a 1 in 2 chance of spawning behind marmalade, unless it was opened on a Conveyor Belt*.


In other cases, you will face a secondary element from the egg, which usually means it is a blocker. Here is a list of all the unfavourable outcomes. They would rarely come out of marmalade. They can never appear from Power Pops; instead it will reveal a plain candy.

When it was opened on a Conveyor Belt, it could have been a Candy Bomb or a Liquorice Swirl instead with Abundant frequency.

These items were exclusive to the Flash version. They never make appearances on the HTML5 version.


Candy Crush Saga Tile Removed

Tile Removed from a mystery candy in level 385

Chocolate spawner from mystery candy

Comparison of level 385 showing the extra chocolate fountain that could have come only from a mystery candy


Empty tile in level 257

Glitched outcomes[]

Locked Colour Bomb under marmalade2

A locked colour bomb under marmalade

Locked Wrapped Candy under marmalade2

A locked Wrapped Candy under marmalade

This had happened before, but this outcome was restricted to some levels, and happened on the mobile version. It happened when a special candy in marmalade spawned where there used to be a locked candy.


  • The algorithm used to determine the outcome was never revealed, and was likely to be level-dependent.
    • 389DWproof

      Glitched popcorn from mystery candies in a Dreamworld level before the popcorn's official introduction.

      One well-known evidence is that popcorn once spawned extremely frequently in Dreamworld levels shortly before its official release. Ironically, they will never make an official appearance; they only appeared after the toffee tornado was removed, half a year after the release of Dozy Dawn.
  • It was possible that bad outcomes occurred more frequently on some levels compared to others, although this was never confirmed.
  • Although there were more bad outcomes than good, the good outcomes that were there were more likely to happen, so there was about a 50-50 chance of getting a good or a bad outcome.
  • The luck element involved in mystery candies made some levels that rely on them entirely down to luck. One notable example was level 463.
  • Getting a chocolate fountain could have truly made a level impossible to win if it came out over a jelly. It could only be won if there was a jelly fish. This truly occurred when level 578 and Level 380 in Dreamworld were first released.
    • Meanwhile, getting a liquorice shell in this case, while still possible, was sometimes nasty since it took 3 hits from special candies other than jelly fish.
  • The board layout in level 236 was composed entirely of mystery candies. It was possible to finish the level in only one move if you got lucky. After redesigning, the board was replaced with lucky candies.
    • Level 236 was also the only level with 81 mystery candies, more than any other level.
    • However, you only got a huge supply at the beginning, no more spawned.
  • If you look closely, these mystery candies had a slight crack that cannot be easily seen.
  • They couldn't spawn Jelly, Ingredients, Liquorice Locks, Cake Bombs, conveyor belts, candy frogs, sugar keys, sugar chests, or any element introduced after Popcorn. They also never spawned any blockers in marmalade (except candy bombs). Since the change to HTML5 version (which has the same system as the mobile version), and the removal of Flash, chocolate fountains and removed tiles would never appear from mystery candies.
    • Chameleon candies and popcorn were the only elements introduced after mystery candies that could appear from mystery candies. After that, mystery candies weren't updated to spawn later elements (unlike the Magic Mixer, which is regularly updated to spawn new blockers as they are released). Even those two elements have been replaced with another element or phased out entirely.
    • Liquorice Fences, Liquorice Curls, Order Locks, Sour Skulls, and Bonbon Blitz were all introduced after mystery candies were phased out.
  • When you could make a striped candy, wrapped candy, or colour bomb in a match consisting of ONLY mystery candy, it would just reveal your outcome, but will not make another striped candy, wrapped, or colour bomb. It just makes the sound of it, then reveals the outcome.
  • No mystery candies appeared in Gummy Gardens, Glazed Grove, Choco Rio Grande, Boneyard Bonanza, Coco Crossroads, Crumbly Coast, Polka Park, Candy Clouds (Episode 67), and Tasty Treasury, among other later episodes.
  • Before the release of Eggnog Emporium, there was a week where mystery candies in Dreamworld levels released a lot of popcorns, but that was a glitch. Now, mystery candies still contained popcorn, but that outcome was pretty rare.
  • An orange mystery candy was used to hide the Dinosaur in Jelly Jungle.
  • Before level 2034 was redesigned, mystery candies could come out of candy cannons officially; earlier levels were redesigned to have mystery candy cannons later on, though no longer have these.
  • Later levels may have relied on mystery candies spawning good outcomes to complete difficult orders. Level 2071 took this even further since the level was designed so the only way to win was to be fortunate enough to yield lucky candies from mystery candies and then crush them to reveal the candy colour that doesn't spawn on the board to complete the order.
  • Mystery candies were first required as part of candy orders in Level 3678, they were the first candy order that isn't a blocker order since jelly fish order was introduced. They were required in jelly-order mixed levels for the first time in level 3992 and order-ingredients levels for the first time in level 6501.
    • Although the chance is extremely low, it was possible to have a mystery candy contain a lucky candy, which could turn into another mystery candy which contained another lucky candy, and the loop continued.
  • Due to level 408 being redesigned, non-spawning colour mystery candies were unofficially introduced. They were officially introduced in level 5114.
  • Mystery candies had the tilemap code 032.
  • Mystery candies had the order number "23".
  • They were the only element that could spawn elements in blockers naturally (specifically, special candies, booster candies, chameleon candies and candy bombs all in marmalade).
  • No mystery candies appeared since the second half of the 7000s. Like chameleon candies, these have now been removed from game.
    • Mystery candies briefly spawned from cannons in one level around the mid-8000s, before being redesigned again to not have mystery candy cannons.
  • They never appeared encased in liquorice curls, liquorice fences, order locks or skull pedestals. Due to these elements being introduced after mystery candies were phased out, they never appeared in levels with the elements mentioned above. They also never appeared in rainbow rapids mixed levels or in levels with alternate colour schemes.
  • During Sugar Crush, any remaining mystery candy would turn into a random outcome and the special candies spawned from the mystery candy would be activated, while if the mystery candy revealed a blocker, it could only be destroyed by cascades or special candy effects.
  • In an update on 21st January 2021, mystery candies were removed from most levels, similar to chameleon candies. It appears that mystery candies are starting to get removed from the game (similar to chameleon candies). This includes all levels with mystery candy order, making mystery candies the first order element to be removed and the only candy order which has zero chance of being required to unlock order locks.
    • Unlike popcorn, which was replaced by liquorice shell and given its order number (which later happened to toffee swirls after they replaced waffles), it's possible that mystery candies may not be replaced by another element.
  • On February 17, 2021, a post on King Community revealed that mystery candies (along with chameleon candies) would officially be discontinued in the near future. This update was implemented in late April 2021, so mystery candies, along with chameleon candies, were removed from the game.
  • The last level to officially have mystery candies was Level 7416, released in July 2020, 9 months before they were removed.
  • Despite being introduced first, mystery candies existed in the game longer than chameleon candies did.
  • Though mystery candies are gone, the new Power Pop feature can spawn mystery candies in a "?" pattern once 25 purple candies are collected.



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