Nightmarishly Hard levels, also called owl levels, are levels officially marked to be a very difficult level by King. They are a proper subset of hexagon levels. The first level with this trait is 31.

Similar to a super hard level, it is usually the most difficult level in an episode. While earlier episodes have a few nightmarishly hard levels per world, they become more common in later episodes, often alternating with "super hard levels".

They were introduced on HTML5 in 2018. They weren't introduced in Flash since it was released after the final episode in Flash was released.

The level type color is hidden and changed to darker blue, which is ringed by a gold skull and a thunder cloud above it and Odus is marking. No Dreamworld levels are nightmarishly hard levels since they were removed over a year before nightmarishly hard levels were introduced.

Nightmarishly hard levels are harder than super hard levels on average. However, just like any other hard level, not all nightmarishly hard levels are usually the hardest. Examples are 532 (hardest is 534) and 1043 (hardest are 1051 and 1053).

See the full list of nightmarishly hard levels.

Trivia Edit

  • The equivalent in Candy Crush Soda Saga is "Ultra Hard level".
  • Strangely enough, these levels are introduced earlier in the game than Super Hard levels.
  • No episodes with a "super hard level" contain a nightmarishly hard level.

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