This page is about one-layered sugar chests. For sugar chests in general, see Sugar Chest.
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The One-layered Sugar Chest is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is officially introduced, both as appearance and starting configuration, in level 711. However, it makes an unofficial appearance in level 501.


See Sugar Chest.


One-layered Sugar Chest

The simplest sugar chest is simply a pot with a purple lid and a heart-shaped lock with a keyhole. The chest is translucent and upon close inspection, the contents of the chest are visible. 

First appearancesEdit

See Sugar Chest.


  • This is one of the few blockers that did not appear in Dreamworld. Following the removal of the toffee tornadoes and the unofficial introduction of UFOs and popcorn in Dreamworld, as well as the release of locked chocolate in level 52, this was the only blocker or element to have never appeared in Dreamworld prior to its removal.
  • Unlike multilayered icing, you will experience all the levels of the sugar chest at the level it was unofficially introduced.
  • This blocker was supposedly made of sugar.
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