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An example of an order (old).

An order is an element in Candy Crush Saga, and it is needed to be cleared to complete candy order levels. In later levels, order locks can be present on the board regardless of level type; they can only be cleared by completing the order listed on top of the blocker.

The orders appear on the left side of the screen, in the same place to where the ingredients are displayed for ingredient drop levels. There can be anywhere between one and three orders to finish the level. For example, if an order shows a 10 next to a green candy, the player must clear 10 green candies. Types of orders get more complex as the game progresses.

When the order has been cleared, a check-mark appears below that order and the level is completed when all the orders have been cleared.

Types of order[]

There are several types of orders a player will have to clear during the game. They are listed based on first appearance since release, though redesigning resulted in much earlier official introductions of these orders.

  • Candy colour order - The player must collect a certain number of a certain candy colour, for example, 20 red candies. They collect these by breaking them on the board. This is one of the original three order types introduced in Wafer Wharf.
    • Later candy colour orders are specifically used to require non-spawning candy colours. Often, the non-spawning colours are locked or can only be obtained by lucky candies.
    • Past 10000, candy colour order levels become slightly more common and more commonly require spawning/semi-spawning colours.
  • Special candy order - The player must get certain special candies to win the level, for example, 3 colour bombs. This is one of the original three order types.
    • Special candy orders only count when the special candy is activated, rather than created.
    • These levels were common, but are somewhat rare now.
  • Combo order - The player must combine two special candies as part of the order, for example, combining a striped and wrapped candy twice. This is one of the original three order types.
    • These orders are usually much harder to fill, especially if there are more candy colours on the board.
    • They used to be introduced in Level 130, and was a common sight; nowadays they are now very rare.
      • There are now only 8 such levels in the game, the latest being level 11237.
    • There are currently six different combo orders, one for each pair of standard special candies. (Jelly fish combo orders have never appeared in any level).
  • Blocker order - The player must remove certain blockers to complete the order, e.g. 30 layers of frosting.
    • They are far by the most common order type in the game.
    • Both movable blockers (such as liquorice swirls) and immovable blockers (such as liquorice shells) can be used as orders.
    • This is the first new order type to be released, introduced since Divine Diner, the 98th episode.
    • Later in the game, mixed order levels sometimes have irrelevant orders. This means that the level cannot be completed without fulfilling all orders, rendering the orders redundant.
  • Secondary order - The player must collect a number of given Secondary element candies.
    • For Candy Frogs, they only count when one activates the frog's special ability.
  • Booster candy order - The player must get certain booster candies to win the level. Booster candies are the special candies that cannot be created on the board and formerly only appeared when the respective booster was activated at the start of the level (which changed when these candies could be found on the starting board in later levels).
    • Examples are jelly fish, coconut wheel and lucky candies, although only jelly fish have been required so far.
    • Jelly fish orders are also satisfied by hitting bobbers.

Additionally, some levels have orders for elements that can only be obtained via candy cannons or lucky candy.

A candy order level can require up to three orders. Often, the orders are the same type. A level with three orders will probably be either three candy orders, three special candy orders or three combo orders. Often, there will be a mixture (such as 200 blue candies, and 5 striped + wrapped for the old versions of 425 and 100 green candies, 4 bonbon blitz and 110 frosting for 10804.

For colour orders, all six different colours have been required as part of an order at least once. All three special candies (striped, wrapped and colour bomb) have been required as part of an order and all six special candy combinations (striped+striped, striped+wrapped, striped+colour bomb, wrapped+wrapped, wrapped+colour bomb and colour bomb+colour bomb) have been required as part of an order at least once.

However, there are some blockers that, to date, have never been required as part of an order (e.g. sugar chests). Candy bomb order is introduced in level 96. Cake bomb order and magic mixer order have also been introduced, along with most blockers exclusive to HTML5 (such as dark chocolate and crystal candies) but it is unknown if any other blocker orders will be added in the future. The only booster candy order to date is the Jelly Fish order, which can also be activated by hitting bobbers.

List of Orders[]

There are currently over 39 possible orders, applicable to both order objectives and order locks. One can note that combo orders are currently very rare, though the colour bomb+colour bomb combo dominates them. There are currently no colour bomb+wrapped combo occurrences across either the objectives or the order locks.

List is accurate as of Candy Cup Finals
Order Objective
Order Lock
Red 181 110
Blue 225 109
Yellow 406 147
Orange 103 79
Purple 136 84
Green 143 97
Wrapped 86 15
Striped 144 24
Color bomb 124 16
S+S 2 0
S+W 1 1
S+C 2 1
C+C 3 5
W+C 0 0
W+W 0 1
Chocolate 224 18
Frosting 2,593 294
Liquorice Shell 325 15
Liquorice Swirl 1,539 175
Candy Bomb 214 39
Jelly Fish 186 34
Cake Bomb 278 49
Mystery Candy 0 0
Magic Mixer 337 62
Toffee Swirl 2,627 345
Dark Chocolate 351 79
Candy Cane Curl 155 16
Crystal Candy 189 18
Rainbow Twist 719 172
Frog 97 26
Sugar Coat 160 48
Bubblegum Pop 986 156
Licorice Curl 137 9
Sour Skull 60 32
Bonbon Blitz 75 30
Jelly Jar 23 48
Candy Cobra 29 18
Wonderful Wrapper 74 12
Gumball 255 3


  • Even though the level only requires candies, if the player hasn't collected all the required candies, the "Oh No!" screen will still show that the player only requires (Insert number of candies left) combinations.
  • The new order types (booster candies and non-regular candies) do not appear on Flash version, because it ended at level 2825.
    • Orders for candy bombs, cake bombs and magic mixers don't appear on Flash version either, for the same reason.
  • Of the candies currently in the game, there are currently no special candy and combo orders requiring:
    • The booster candies Coconut Wheel and Lucky Candy.
      • Jelly fish order has been introduced, but jelly fish combination orders haven't yet.
      • However, with combination orders not appearing at all in later levels, it's unlikely that jelly fish combination orders will ever be introduced.
    • UFO
    • Sugar Key
  • There are currently no blockers orders requiring:
    • Encasing blockers (marmalade, liquorice lock, sugar chests, order locks)
    • Indestructible blockers (chocolate fountain, bobber, candy cane fence, liquorice fence, dark chocolate fountain)
  • Toffee tornadoes, sugar drops, extra time candies, extra moves candies and chameleon candies were never required for candy orders, even before their removal.
  • Also, there are various other combinations for orders which currently don't exist, i.e. colour bomb and specific candy colour combination or specifically coloured special candies.
  • Level 1 is the first level with candy colour orders.
  • Level 2 is the first level with blocker order (normal colour candies and special candies) in the same level. Level 1502 was the first level with blocker orders and special candy combination orders in the same level.
  • This is one of the elements which has been released in multiple years. Orders themselves were released with candy order levels in 2012. 15 orders were released; all 6 colours, the three main special candies (striped candy, wrapped candy, and colour bomb), and all 6 combinations involving said special candies. No more orders were introduced until 2016. The timeline for new candy orders since then is as follows:
    • 2016: Blocker orders (frosting, chocolate, liquorice swirls, popcorns). Also the first year in which orders for something other than candies is introduced.
    • 2017: Jelly fish order. Also the first year in which orders for booster candies are introduced.
    • 2018: Candy bomb order, waffle order, magic mixer order, cake bomb order, mystery candy order (now defunct), dark chocolate order. Also the first year in which orders for HTML5 exclusive elements are introduced.
    • 2019: Candy cane curl order, crystal candy order, rainbow twist order. Also the first year in which orders for encasing blockers are introduced.
    • 2020: Candy frog order, sugar coat order, bubblegum pop order, liquorice curl order, sour skull order. Also, liquorice shell order replaced popcorn order this year. Also the first year in which orders for indestructible elements are introduced.
    • 2021: Bonbon blitz order, jelly jar order, candy cobra order. Also, toffee swirl order replaced waffle order this year. Also the first year in which orders for elements which can't appear in regular candy order levels are introduced.
    • 2022: Wonderful wrapper order and countdown crystal order (only temporarily for the latter).
    • 2023: Gumball order. Also the first year in which an order that causes the associated blocker to disappear when fulfilled is introduced.
  • Currently, all destructible blockers exclusive to HTML5 version can be required for candy order levels.
  • As of Episode 528, orders can be required to unlock order locks, even in level types without candy orders required to complete the level.
    • 36 out of 38 existing orders can be required to unlock order locks. The other two orders that haven't yet been required to unlock order locks are special candy combination orders that have not been required in much in later levels (if at all).
  • Combination orders have not been required in later episodes, and it's likely they have been phased out, similar to chameleon candies, 6 coloured levels and moves levels (though 6 coloured levels made a return in level 9084, while chameleon candies and moves levels were removed altogether). One level featured combination orders in 2021, and another in 2022. However, order locks that require combination orders to unlock are slightly more common.
    • However, combo orders and six-coloured levels still made a revival with occasional appearances up to the present day.
    • As of 2021, only one level per year requires combination orders to complete, and only a few levels per year feature order locks that require combination orders to unlock.
  • Mystery candy order has been removed from the game as of 21 January 2021, followed by mystery candies altogether three months later. It is the only order to have been removed from the game.
  • As of 11 December 2020, the order icons for coloured element orders (striped candy, wrapped candy, candy bomb, jelly fish, mystery candy and candy frog) have been changed. All of them are now a pink colour, instead of greyish-purple.
  • Orders being made impossible to fulfill is one of two ways to make the "Oops!" message appear, the other being when the board shuffles and there are no possible switches.
    • Orders can be made impossible to fulfil if the magic mixer is destroyed too early, if the chocolate is destroyed too early, or if there is a finite amount of the element on the board and it is swallowed by chocolate or replaced by another element from the magic mixer.
  • Exactly what counts towards each order varies based on the element.
    • Coloured candies: Each coloured element counts as one candy towards the order, even if it's not a regular candy (for example, destroying a green candy bomb would count as one candy towards the green candy order).
    • Striped candies, wrapped candies, and colour bombs: Each one activated counts as one special candy towards the order (even ones created through striped/wrapped candy + colour bomb combinations). All colours of striped candies and wrapped candies count. Activating a bonbon blitz does not count towards the associated special candy order.
    • Combination orders: Each combination counts as one order.
    • Chocolate/Dark Chocolate: Each square/layer destroyed counts as one order, respectively. Formerly, dark chocolate squares had to be completely destroyed to count towards the dark chocolate order, this has since been changed.
    • Liquorice swirl: Each liquorice swirl destroyed counts as one order.
    • Frosting: Each layer destroyed counts as one order. If a UFO turns a frosting square into a wrapped candy, all layers will count towards the order (i.e. if a 5-layered frosting square is destroyed this way, it would count as 5 frosting layers towards the order).
    • Liquorice shell: Each liquorice shell (fully destroyed) counts as one order. Damaging a liquorice shell but not destroying it doesn't count towards the order.
    • Candy bomb: Each candy bomb destroyed counts as one order. All colours count.
    • Jelly fish: Each jelly fish activated counts as one order (including those activated by colour bomb + jelly fish combination and jelly fish spawned from bobbers). All colours count. Activating a jelly fish bonbon blitz doesn't count towards the jelly fish order.
    • Cake bomb: Each cake bomb fully destroyed counts as one order. Destroying individual slices doesn't count towards the order.
    • Magic mixer: Each magic mixer (fully destroyed) counts as one order. Damaging a magic mixer but not destroying it doesn't count towards the order.
    • Toffee swirl: Each layer destroyed counts as one order. If a UFO turns a toffee swirl into a wrapped candy, all layers will count towards the order (i.e. if a 5-layered toffee swirl is destroyed this way, it would count as 5 toffee swirl layers towards the order).
    • Candy cane curl/liquorice curl: Each layer destroyed counts as one order. The two blockers are independent from each other.
    • Crystal candy: Each layer counts as one order.
    • Rainbow twist: Each layer counts as one order (including those destroyed by the chain reaction).
    • Candy frog: Each "movement" of the candy frog (fully charging it up and then using it) counts as one order.
    • Sugar coat: Each layer counts as one order.
    • Bubblegum pop: Each layer counts as one order.
    • Sour skull: Each layer counts as one order.
    • Bonbon blitz: Each charge counts as one order. All five types of bonbon blitz count towards the order.
    • Jelly jar: Each jelly jar (fully destroyed) counts as one order. Damaging a jelly jar but not destroying it doesn't count towards the order.
    • Candy cobra: Each candy cobra that's fully charged and reaches its basket counts as one order. Charging up a candy cobra but not activating it fully doesn't count towards the order.
    • Wonderful wrapper: Each wonderful wrapper (fully destroyed) counts as one order. Removing one or more of the stripes without destroying the wrapper doesn't count towards the order.
    • Gumball: Each time a gumball machine is activated (either via adjacent matches or special candy effects) counts as one gumball order.
  • From the initial release of waffles in Summer 2018, almost all orders introduced since then have been new blockers, in date of release order. The only exception is candy frog order, which was introduced in early 2020 (despite the candy frog being introduced in 2014), after rainbow twist order and before sugar coat order.
  • No combination orders were required to complete any levels in 2020, although one level required combination orders to unlock order locks.
  • Jelly jar orders are always irrelevant. This is because the jelly required to complete the level cannot be collected without destroying the jelly jars. The only reason they are an order element in the first place is because there are order locks that require jelly jars to unlock.
    • Since this is the case, there may be new orders introduced in the future that mainly exist because they are required to unlock order locks.