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Episode 441
World (Flash) None
World (HTML5) 89
Levels 6591-6605
Characters Ellen
Champion title Cosmic Companion
New features Bubblegum Pop 3.png in One-layered Crystal.png
Release date Windows 10 version - 11 March 2020
Web versionMobile version - 20 March 2020
Difficulty Very Hard
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Playful Planet is the 441st episode in Candy Crush Saga and the first episode of World 89 (HTML5). This episode was released on 11 March 2020. The champion title for this episode is Cosmic Companion.


Tiffi accompanies Ellen on a tour around the planets.

New things[]

  • Three-layered bubblegum pops appear in one-layered crystals for the first time in level 6593.


This episode contains levels 6591-6605.

Playful Planet is a very hard episode, with a mean of 5.87. It contains five hard levels: 6594, 6595, 6600, 6601 and 6603, four very hard levels: 6591, 6593, 6602 and 6605, and one extremely hard level: 6597. Overall, it is much harder than the previous episode, Moonlight Manor.

Jelly new.png Ingredient drop new.png Objective new.png Mixed new.png
3 2 3 7
The easiest :
Level 6598
The hardest :
Level 6597
Orange.png Green.png Blue.png
Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Red.png Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
2 13 0
Sugar Drop icon.png Sugar Drop levels
Mixed new.png Level 6591 Objective new.png Level 6596 Mixed new.png Level 6601
Lockedhard.png Hexagon levels
Level 6594 Level 6596 Level 6597 Level 6600 Level 6601 Level 6605

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

0 0 0 1 1 3 5 4 1 0 0



  • This episode contains the milestone level 6600.
  • Based on the texture, this episode takes place at Gummy Galaxy.
    • However, unlike said episode, Allen doesn't appear in this one.
  • This episode shares its second word with Popcorn Planet.
  • On Facebook and mobile, this episode was released only two days after the previous one.
  • This is the last appearance of Ellen.
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