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Not to be confused with chameleon candies or Rainbow Twists.

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The rainbow candy is an element in Candy Crush Saga. It was released along with Rainbow Rapids levels, which is its corresponding level type. It first appears in level 7116, which is the first rainbow rapids level and the opener of Snowy Suburbs. Since Level 8421, it can also appear in mixed levels requiring the latter.


  • Rainbow candies are the objective required to complete Rainbow Rapids levels (and Mixed levels with rainbow rapids).
  • To collect rainbow candies, you must guide the Rainbow Rapid from its Candy Cannon to the rainbow rapid's mold. The rainbow rapids travel along a path that connects the candy cannon to the mold.
  • Once the rainbow rapids reach the mold, the mold fills up to produce a rainbow candy, which is then automatically collected and the rainbow rapid's mold disappears.
  • Collecting one rainbow candy gives you 10,000 points, like ingredients.


  • This is the third element to be based around rainbows, after Chameleon Candy (which is no longer in the game) and Rainbow Twist.
  • While rainbow candies themselves have no tile map code, the rainbow rapids mold has the tile map code 156.
  • Some levels have more rainbow rapids on the board than the number of rainbow candies required, such as Level 7316 and Level 8360.
  • This element has the official name "Rainbow Candy". Chameleon candies, however, are also known as rainbow candies although they toggle between two colours.