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Character EP32
Gender Male
First appearance Sugary-Shire
Problem He has candy stuck all over his fur.
Solution Tiffi gets rid of the candy using a vacuum cleaner.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Sugary Shire
Sugary Shire


Ramsay is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a little ram encountered in the 32nd episode, Sugary Shire. Before introducing level 456, he's caught in a "sticky situation" and has candy stuck all over his fur. After completing level 470, Tiffi helps him by using a vacuum to suck all the candy off of his fur, much to his delight.

In the 267th episode, Woolly Workshop, he uses his wool to help make Tiffi a nice homemade sweater.

In the 302nd episode, Pavilion Pond, he and Tiffi visit the temple to practice martial arts.

In the 32nd Dreamworld episode, Snoozy Slopes, he's wearing a sleeping cap and dreaming about candy, and Tiffi is trying to wake him up by using a candy cane.


  • In real life, rams do not have pink-coloured fur. They either have white, brown, or black fur.
  • In the Chilly Day event, his official name is revealed and his wool is stolen.
  • He has a nephew named Rami in the Candy Pet event.