Since August 15, some players were complaining that they are receiving levels with less moves than what is shown on the wiki pages, with a few having an obscenely large amount of moves cut for their level attempts. In the most extreme of the cases, players are complaining that they can no longer complete the level because the number of moves have been reduced so much. Unfortunately, as it stands out, most of them has attained official status as they are now on the master config list.

During the test, there are 1045 levels selectively redesigned and 576 levels selectively buffed from Episode 4 to Episode 237. Most of these redesigned levels became official redesigns. As of now, we haven't completed the list of these officially redesigned levels.

On the other hand, a slightly smaller amount of levels have been nerfed by moves - they are given more moves than usual, but that is of little relevance or concern.

Comment below to list the buffs you really oppose!

Update of 2018 OCT 24th: The selective tweaks are now hitting the majority of the players as normal tweaks. That corresponds to the tweaks since the release of Episode 260. Please note that future tweaks may override the selective tweaks.

Update of 2018 OCT 16th: The selective tweaks test has ended, and the result was positive. That means what were once selective tweaks are now part of the daily tweaks received by the majority of the players especially when the player is connected to the internet. All of the buffed levels remain in effect. See these tweaks from selective move tweaks.

Update of 2018 NOV 06th: Historical Moment. All selective tweaks became official, they now affect everyone and is now on the master config list. The result for the selective tweaks was positive: Most of the buffed levels remain in effect, including the loss of the 65-move status of Level 500. This has been resented by most players as a few levels were rendered nearly impossible because of these redesigns. See these historical redesigns from selective move tweaks.

This has been a major topic in King Care: Level changing on Candy Crush? Not getting the same amount of moves as your friends or as on videos?

Selective tweaks during the test periodEdit


  • Color: Difficulty of current version of level (updated live).
  • PAST: Number of moves provided in the past version in the E251 configs.
  • SEL : Number of moves after the selective redesigns.
  • PCT : Percentage of normal moves given, calculated as SEL/PAST.
  • Use the color and the percentage to determine the worst buffs.
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