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As of version 1.176, all regular icing squares were soft-replaced with one-layered frostings.
This page is about regular icing. For multilayered frosting, see Multilayered frosting.
Regular Icing

The regular frosting (also officially known as icing, unofficially called meringue or whipped cream prior) is one of the blockers and also the first blocker in Candy Crush Saga.

Before the mass redesign, this blocker was introduced in the 3rd episode, Lemonade Lake, level 21. It is considered one of the easiest blockers to destroy. Multilayered icing was later introduced, gradually, starting from Peppermint Palace, with nearly the same mechanics but requiring multiple hits to remove.

The ordinary frosting and the one-layered frosting (appears as sachet) were distinct up to May 2020. The only difference between ordinary frosting and the one-layered sachet was that ordinary frosting did not interact with candies cleared by Colour Bombs.

The ordinary frosting still exists in the game, but it's behavior and texture has been changed to exactly that of the sachet in May 2020. Frosting squares received a reskinning soon after since June 2020. [1]

Circa March 2022 to this day, a glitch caused all one-layered frosting (provided that they are not with other elements on the tile), coded as ordinary frosting, to not load but instead render as empty gaps on the board. This resulted in a massive indirect unintentional buff of Level 1000 and Level 1476 straight from very easy to nearly impossible and even rendered some levels completely impossible.


First appearance Final appearance
Level 21 Level 6951
Web version - Level 1/Dreamworld
Mobile version - Level 3/Dreamworld
Level 638/Dreamworld

There are stil a handful of levels still featuring ordinary frosting, now completely indistinguishable from One-layered Frosting. The levels with glitched ordinary icing usually are tiles containing only ordinary icing and nothing else. For the list of levels that used to have this blocker, see here.


Regular Icing Degrader

Degradation process

It’s properties were almost identical to one-layered frosting: it were a stationary blocker that occupied only one space. It could be broken by making a match adjacent to it, or through any special candy effects reaching the blocker. As with all other blockers, jelly might be underneath it. If a jelly was underneath an icing, the player was required to first clear the icing before reaching the jelly. 20 points are given when one icing was cleared. This was a very easy blocker to destroy compared to the other blockers in the game.


If there was a large amount of icing to deal with, consider making a lot of special candies, such as striped candies and wrapped candies, to destroy them. The icing is immune to the colour bomb itself.


  • Because of the previous name, regular meringue, not being an official name, it was often known by other names such as frosting, whipped cream, puff, cream, icing (official name), ice cream, cupcake, etc.
  • Along with marmalade, it was arguably one of the easiest blockers to destroy in the game.
    • Formerly, one-layered frostings could be cleared by a colour bomb hitting the candy next to it, while regular icing cannot. This difference was removed in later versions, meaning that regular icing and one-layered frostings behave precisely the same way.
      • This may be why regular icing was removed.
  • The sound emitted when regular icing was destroyed sounds like a "puff", whereas the sound emitted when the multilayered frosting is destroyed sounds like when chocolate is destroyed.
  • Despite both types being icing, regular icing and the multilayered frosting have completely different textures.
  • After multilayered frosting was introduced, regular icing became less common (lots of levels have one-layered frostings instead of regular icing), before being eventually phased out altogether.
  • This was chronologically the first blocker to be introduced in the game.
  • Despite making its first appearance in level 21 of Reality, it made its first appearance in Dreamworld in level 1 (Web) (level 3 on mobile), before Dreamworld was removed.
  • Level 1123 was the 100th level to have regular icing.
  • Level 1329 was the first level where this blocker can be spawned by a magic mixer.
  • One-layered icing spawned by magic mixers were always regular icing, not sachets. After regular icing was removed, magic mixers can spawn sachets instead.
  • This was the (unofficially) second blocker that the sugar chest can encase and the first immovable blocker. This is due to level 2474 being changed. This happens officially in level 2688 (for multilayered chests) and level 2715 (for single-layered chests).
  • Level 2969 was the first level with locked regular icing.
  • Level 6951 was the last level with regular icing before it was removed. It was released shortly before the removal of this blocker, unlike most other discontinued elements, which tend to stop appearing for months (or even years) before being removed.
  • Regular icing has the tilemap code 007, which is still used today.
  • This feature was removed completely from the Flash version on 14 September 2020.
  • They never appeared in this form in rainbow rapids levels, order locks, skull pedestals, rainbow rapids mixed levels, or levels with alternate colour schemes because they were introduced after regular icing was removed.
  • This blocker was replaced with 1-layered Frosting! (as of May 2020).


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