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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

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Restore Balance was a booster in Candy Crush Saga that could be bought when the player played the Dreamworld levels. It could be activated when Odus fell down from the moon scale.


  • "Restore Odus the owl's balance to stop him from falling. Odus will keep his power!"
  • "Now's your chance to reset the Moon Scale and freeze it for 5 moves!" (if Odus falls off the Moon Scale.)
  • Activating this will allow the player to play on and it will set the Moon Scale back to neutral.
  • Since it also offers a frozen moon scale, it will allow players to make moves freely without affecting it for five moves.


  • Do not use this booster, unless you are very close to finishing a level such that you are guaranteed to win should Odus not tip over.
  • Rely on Moon Struck, since it offers much more benefits such as having 4 colours and not having to balance the moon scale.

How it worksEdit

  • This picture will appear after nine gold bars are spent.
  • After one move is made.
  • After two moves are made.
  • After three moves are made.
  • After four moves are made.
  • Restore Balance is activated (mobile)
  • Frozen scale after 1 move (mobile)
  • Frozen scale after 2 moves (mobile)
  • Frozen scale after 3 moves (mobile)
  • Frozen scale after 4 moves (mobile)
  • After the player spends 9 gold bars, Odus will reappear on the moon scale. The moon scale has some ice at the bottom, which gradually diminishes as the player makes moves.
    • On web version, the ice thaws. On mobile version, the ice breaks.
  • After five moves are made, two candies will appear on the moon scale and it will work like normal.
    • On mobile, some cloud can be seen forming the ice on the moon scale. Notice that the ice breaks immediately after you make a move, so that it actually only works for 4 moves.


  • This is one of the boosters which can only be found when a player is about to lose.
  • A frozen moon scale will NOT charge up at all meaning that moon struck is delayed by 5 moves.
  • Its description proves that Odus is male as it mentions the word "his".
  • This is one of the boosters that can't be won from the daily booster wheel. The exact reason is unknown, but presumably this happens because all boosters on the wheel should be used for both Reality and Dreamworld.
  • In the past, this booster appeared as two icons, with another one showing a frozen moon scale. It indicates that freezing the scale alone might have been a standalone booster.


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