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Sachet, also known as One-layered Icing, is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. This blocker is very easy to destroy, and would usually hold layers of icing in it. The first level with sachets in a starting board layout is level 116, but can first be seen after leveling a two-layered icing in level 111.


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 116 Level 6454
Level 116/Dreamworld Level 633/Dreamworld

For the list of levels that appeared this blocker, see here.

New appearanceEdit

One-layered Icing New

The new Sachet nemesis

It looks like a silver plastic wrapper in a square shape that has been creased 20 times, and has a circular black point in the middle.

Old appearanceEdit

One-layered Icing

Old appearance

Before Diamond District was released, it looked like a silver plastic wrapper in a square shape that had been creased 20 times.


One-layered Icing Degrader

Degradation process

Sachets are stationary blockers that occupies only one space. These blockers can be destroyed by an adjacent match or a special candies' effects that touches it. Jelly can hide under the sachet.


  • This element's title (for this case only) has not been fully introduced yet. However, this is the simplest case of the Icing.
  • This can be broken if a colour bomb hits an adjacent candy, unlike regular icing. However, regular icing can also be broken in the same way after a recent update.
  • Two-layer icing is introduced, before levels with sachets in initial board layouts occur. They will appear if a layer is removed from two-layer icing.
  • This blocker can be found in chests, starting from level 2646.
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