A secondary element is a board element of secondary function, and they are introduced later in the game (usually introduced officially on episode openers). They are not the primary idea of the game, and are not introduced in tutorial or beginner episodes, and they have many interesting properties to make gameplay more interesting. This term especially refers to such elements not considered as a blocker. Like blockers, they never appear until you have already completed the initial episodes (Candy Town and Candy Factory), and they are also usually introduced officially at episode openers.

Much like blockers, non-blocker secondary elements can take one or more of the following functions:

  • Transport candies from one place to another
  • Spawning certain elements and blockers
  • Moving candies
  • Altering the nature of candies every turn

Like blockers, most of these elements individually take up one space. However, many of these elements have additional rules on the amount and where they can be located. Some, like teleporters, must occur in pairs to function properly, while others, such as the dispenser, must occur at an empty tile above a space to dispense items. Others almost always appear in groups, such as the conveyor belt. You should also note that most of these elements, unlike blockers, are permanent throughout the level.

These elements, like blockers, add to the challenge of the game by manipulating the nature of the board, the candies, and where new elements spawn.

List of Secondary board elementsEdit

Note: List is currently incomplete.
Blocker Name First appearance (Reality) First appearance (Dreamworld) Unique properties Frequency
Teleporter3 Teleporter Episode 6,
Level 66
Episode 6, Level 66 Used to transport candies and other movable elements from one area to another. Candies will fall through a teleporter, and will exit through another one, given that there is enough empty space.

Candies enter from blue teleporters and exit through pink ones. They always come in pairs, and one blue teleporter is always associated with exactly another pink one.

Candy Cannon Episode 16,
Level 216
Level 192 Directs which elements and blockers will spawn from. Can come in many varieties: The elements that can be spawn will be shown on the dispenser, while some cannons spawn these elements exclusively with no regular candies, while others can spawn regular varieties.

If a level has a candy cannon with given secondary elements, another element cannot spawn from regular spawn points or cannons not showing the given element.

Liquorice swirl cannon Liquorice Cannon Episode 16,
Level 216
Episode 16, Level 216 A cannon which spawns liquorice swirls. Uncommon
Ingredient cannon Ingredients Cannon

Level 200

Compound[1] Level 217

Episode 16,
Level 221

Compound[1] Level 217

Level 217

A cannon which spawns ingredients. Ingredient levels without ingredients can spawn an ingredient at any spawn point. Ingredient spawners therefore restrict which spawn points can have ingredients enter the board. Uncommon
Candy bomb cannon Bomb Cannon Episode 19,
Level 261
Level 192 A cannon which can spawn candy bombs. However, it cannot affect the default bomb timer determined by the level itself. Uncommon
Ingredient & Licorice Dispenser Compound Cannon Episode 16,
Level 217
Level 217

A cannon with more than one element listed.

They can be any combination of: Ingredients, Liquorice Swirls, Candy Bombs, Sugar Keys, Mystery Candy, Lucky Candy, Chameleon Candy, Extra Time Candy, Striped Candy, and Wrapped Candy.

Mystery Yellow Candy Mystery Candy Episode 17, Level 231 Level 231 Advanced special Candy: Will reveal either a special candy or secondary elements (especially blockers) when matched. Uncommon
Chameleon Candies (4) Chameleon Candy Episode 22, Level 306 Level 306 Advanced special Candy: Alternates between two colors every move. Can cause additional cascades. Occasional
Conveyor (trans) Conveyor Belt Episode 37, Level 531 Level 531

Moves every turn after all cascades ended. Candies (at rest) moves along with the conveyor belt, potentially causing more cascades.

There are also conveyor belt portals, where candies and movable elements can be transported to a distant part of the board through conveyor belts. Each conveyor belt a candy enters is associated with exactly another one where a candy comes out.

It can also prevent immovable blockers from creating through Mystery Candies.

(Corner) Episode 39, Level 561 Level 561 Used when a given chain of conveyor belts turn corners, so they change direction. Candies still move linearly, but along the second direction. Uncommon
Frog4 Candy Frog Episode 42, Level 606 Episode 42, Level 606 An advanced element which can be fed to attain Frogtastic state, where you can select any open spot to clear nearby candies and blockers. Unaffected by gravity, moves only through matches, and can change color or gain special candy effects through matches. Only one candy frog can be present in a given level.

Because it is the most advanced secondary element, Level 606 is a tutorial level. See the main Candy Frog page for more information.

Candykey6 Sugar Key Episode 49, Level 711 Never Advanced special Candy: When matched or destroyed by any other way, all existing Sugar Chests will lose one layer. Otherwise behaves the same as regular candies. Common
Ufo5 UFO

Unofficial[2] Level 419

Episode 58, Level 846

Unofficial[2] Level 417


Can be matched by switching any other candy, much like Coconut Wheel and Color Bomb. When activated, it will create three wrapped candy which detonates automatically. It can also destroy most blockers (including multi-hit) instantly as well if it targets it. Occasional
Mystery candy cannon Mystery Candy Cannon Episode 137 Never A cannon which can spawn Mystery Candies. High levels only
Lucky candy cannon Lucky Candy Cannon Episode 137 Never A cannon which can spawn Lucky Candies without the use of the booster. High levels only
Extra Time Candy Dispenser Extra Time Cannon Episode 138 Never A cannon which can spawn Extra Time Candies every few moves, without the need of cascades. High levels only
Chameleon Candy Cannon Episode 148 Never A cannon which can spawn Chameleon Candies. High levels only
Horizontal striped candy Vertical striped candy cannon Striped Candy Cannon Episode 158 Never A cannon which can spawn bonus striped candies without requiring matches. The direction of the bonus striped candy is the direction of your last match. High levels only
Wrapped candy cannon Wrapped Candy Cannon Episode 158 Never A cannon which can spawn bonus wrapped candies without requiring matches. High levels only
Waffle cannon Waffle Cannon

Level 476

Episode 235,
Level 3507

Never A cannon which can spawn waffles. Common
Colour bomb cannon Colour Bomb Cannon Episode 331 Never A cannon which can spawn bonus colour bomb without requiring matches. High levels only


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