Shaky Shire Map

Shaky Shire HTML5 Map


Episode 140
World (Flash) 37
World (HTML5) 28
Levels 2076-2090
Characters Pepe
Champion title Basket Boss
New features None
Release date Web - 26 October 2016
Smartphone icon - 9 November 2016
Difficulty Very Hard
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Shaky Shire is the 140th episode of Candy Crush Saga and the second episode of World Thirty-Seven. This episode was released on 26 October 2016. The champion title for this episode is Basket Boss.


Pepe wants to enjoy a picnic between the shakes (milkshakes), but has trouble getting to all the delicious snacks. Tiffi whacks the basket in a style similar to how she whacked Pepe in the episode Piñata Park.

New thingsEdit

  • Nothing new is added.


Reality 140 Background
This episode contains levels 2076-2090.

Shaky Shire is a very hard episode, with a mean of 5.07 - 5.13. It contains one hard level: 2089, four very hard levels: 2076, 2082, 2085 and 2090, and two extremely hard levels: 2078 and 2081. Despite all this, this episode is much easier than the previous episode, Luscious Lane.

Target score new Jelly new Ingredient drop new Objective new Mixed new
6 2 4 3 0
The easiest :
Level 2088
The hardest :
Level 2081
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
5 10
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop levels
Jelly new Level 2080 Ingredient drop new Level 2085 Jelly new Level 2090
Lockedhard Hexagon levels

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

0 0 Adobe Flash - 1
HTML5 - 2
Adobe Flash - 3
HTML5 - 2
4 0 1 4 2 0 0



  • This episode heavily resembles Piñata Park. Both have very similar settings and the same characters, both have a purple pathway (but here the shape is different), both episodes are released two episodes after a brand new feature (Mixed levels for Sugar Shrubs and extra time candy cannons for Tricky Tracks), both episode numbers (116 and 140) are multiples of 4 and both episodes have the first 5 level types in the game but don't have mixed levels.
  • It's most likely the last episode on Flash version with a heavy resemblance to an earlier episode (not counting episode with reused names).
    • This episode has 4 ingredients levels, while Piñata Park has only one.
    • Also, it has an extremely hard opener like recently released episodes.
  • Speaking of which, this is the first episode since the introduction of mixed levels where they have been absent for two episodes in a row.
  • The spinach tree in the background is very reminiscent of the spinach tree found in the Gummy Gardens episode background, which has exactly a gap of 100 episodes.
    • The levels of both episodes end with the similar last two digits (Gummy Gardens contains levels 576-590, while this episode contains level 2076-2090)
  • This episode shares its second word with Sugary Shire and Strawberry Shire.
  • This is the third episode to have more ingredients levels than jelly levels, the first being Bubblegum Bridge and the second being Toffee Tower.
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