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Shiba Inu
Character EP35.png
Gender Female
First appearance Ice-Cream-Caves.png
Problem Ice Cream Caves: She is stuck in an ice cream cone.
Solution Ice Cream Caves: Tiffi tickles her with a feather, sneezing and freeing herself.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Ice Cream Caves
Chocolate Colonnades

Shiba Inu is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a dog and encountered in the 35th episode, Ice Cream Caves. Before introducing level 501, she is stuck inside an ice cream cone and asks Tiffi for her help. After completing level 515, Tiffi takes a feather and tickles the Shiba Inu, causing her to sneeze and launch herself out of the cone. Then, as a token of thanks, she asked Tiffi, if she would like to share some ice cream with her.

In the 96th episode, Mount Chocolympus, she costumed as goddess.

In the 35th Dreamworld episode, Gelato Grotto, Tiffi wears a doughnut vest and a cherry hat as Shiba Inu feels delighted after eating some ice cream.


  • "Shiba inu" is written as "柴犬(しばいぬ)" in Japanese, which is a kind of dog breed.
  • She is the first Reality character to be introduced after the release of level 500. The first character to be introduced is Odus.