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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

Reality Dreamworld
Episode 1
World 1
Levels 1-10
Characters Tiffi, Odus
Mr. Toffee (only on map in mobile)
New features Target score new.png
Jelly new.png
Odus on the moon scale.png
Regular meringue.png
Release date Web version - 27 November 2013
Mobile version - 10 December 2013
Difficulty Very Easy
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Sleepy Slopes was the 1st episode in Dreamworld and the first episode of World 1 of Dreamworld. This episode was released on 27 November 2013. It was the Dreamworld equivalent to the Reality episode Candy Town.


Before episode:
Tiffi becomes tired from helping folks, and goes to sleep. Odus, an owl, said to Tiffi, asleep, "Maybe someone should help you for a change?".
After episode:
Odus makes a dream come true for Tiffi, bringing her into the Dreamworld itself.

New things

  • This episode introduced Dreamworld.

Level types


  • Regular Icing Regular meringue.png was present in all ten levels of this episode (eight of the levels in mobile).



Dreamworld 1 Background.png

This episode contains levels 1-10.

Sleepy Slopes was only slightly more difficult than its Reality counterpart, Candy Town, and roughly as difficult as Candy Factory. The addition of blockers, specifically icing, and the new concepts (the moon scale and moon struck) may have caused confusion at first.

Target score new.png Jelly new.png Ingredient drop new.png Objective new.png

5 5 - -

The easiest :
Web version - Level 1 Mobile version - Level 1 and Level 2
The hardest :
Level 4 and Level 5/Dreamworld
The most fun :
Level 2/Dreamworld
Red.png Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
4 6

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

Web version - 0
Mobile version - 2
Web version - 8
Mobile version - 6
2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0



  • The location of this episode was in a park in Candy Town on the web version, but it is the nighttime of Candy Town on mobile versions. Thus, this episode's background is derived from Candy Town.
    • The same setting (for web) also occured for the very final episode and its polar opposite, Dozy Dawn, furthermore the setting applied to both web and mobile, completely overriding the setting for its Reality counterpart, Fizzy Falls.
    • Dozy Dawn, unlike Sleepy Slopes, was the only episode to have a story and background completely unrelated to its Reality counterpart, Fizzy Falls. Even then, the levels and pathway were similar to Fizzy Falls.
  • Along with Funky Factory, these two episodes were the only episodes in Dreamworld to have 10 levels.
  • This episode's story was the only one to contain dialogue of any sort in Dreamworld alongside with Dozy Dawn (Facebook only).
  • This episode, along with Twilight Egg, were the only episodes in Dreamworld to have only two types of levels.