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Striped Candies are one of the main special candies in Candy Crush Saga. They are regular candies with horizontal or vertical white stripes on them. Depending the direction of the stripes, they clear the whole row or column they are in when matched, if 4 candies are matched in a row, a vertically striped candy is created. If 4 candies are matched in a column, a horizontally striped candy is created. Another way of looking at it is that the striped candy will have stripes in the direction it was moved to make the 4 in a row. If one moves a horizontal striped candy up or down, the result would be affected. If one moves a vertical striped candy left or right, the result would also be affected.

Forming a striped candy gives at least 120 points. Detonating a striped candy gives 60 points per candy (+3,000 for candy bombs) destroyed directly in the process.

Mixing with special candies

Striped candy can be mixed with other special candies to make bigger effects.

Striped Candy + Striped Candy


Striped Candy + Striped Candy

By combining two striped candies, both are activated horizontally and vertically. The direction of the stripes does not influence the effect, so it is possible to make the same effect with two horizontally striped candies or two vertically striped candies.

Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy

The striped candy becomes a 3x3 giant striped candy which clears 3 rows and then 3 columns in a cross shape.

Striped Candy + Colour Bomb


Effects of a striped candy + colour bomb combination. Watch the pattern carefully.

When mixed, every candy of the colour of the striped candy (except sugar drops and chested candies) becomes a striped candy with stripes in alternating directions. These are then detonated. For those candies below liquorice locks or marmalade, they will also be transformed and detonated.

  • If there are already formed striped candies of target colour:
    • On web version, they are excluded from the alternating pattern, but will still detonate.
    • On mobile version, they are included in the pattern, and may get a different direction during the combination.

Striped Candy + Jelly Fish

The jelly fish becomes a striped jelly fish and swims off of the screen. Then 3 striped jelly fish swim onto the screen and transform 3 regular candies in jellies into striped candies which are then activated.

Striped Candy + Coconut Wheel

The striped candy is activated. Then the wheel turns up to three candies into striped candies, and warps to the opposite side of board and turns up to another three candies into striped candies. Then, all of these striped candies go off.


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