For the special candy, see Striped Candy.

The striped candy booster appears only if the player fails a level several times, but the player is paid gold to continue playing without starting over.

When activated, a random candy will be converted to a striped candy. The direction of the striped candy is random. This is a much weaker variation of the striped and wrapped booster, and unlike striped and wrapped, this booster cannot be stocked.

The player is first offered an opportunity to activate this booster if he/she fails a level two consecutive times. If he/she continually fails a level, but used gold each time, the game will offer you more advanced boosters, although at a progressively greater cost. This booster does not exist in the stockable variation activated before playing; gold must be used to activate this booster.


  • This was once confused with the striped and wrapped booster.
  • This is arguably the weakest booster in the game.
  • It appears on your 2nd, 4th, and 7th consecutive failure.
  • In "Cake Climb" event (and its variations), although the reward list states "1 Striped Candy", it is given as a "Striped and Wrapped", instead of this booster.


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