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Striped Candy Contest was a contest in Candy Crush Saga that required players to collect as many striped candies as they could. This event was unlocked after players collected 10 striped candies in Dexter's Delight.

Only striped candies collected in a completed attempt of a level would be counted. If he/she failed the level, the striped candies collected for the level would be lost. The player would earn 10 striped candies for every striped candy created if he/she completes his/her level of progress.

Please do note that this does not include any of the striped candies made by the colour bomb + striped candy combination.

You will compete against 29 random players. The top three people will get a prize.

1st prize: Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Live Forever (6 hours), Free Switch, Striped and Wrapped

2nd prize: Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Live Forever (2 hours), Free Switch

3rd prize: Striped and Wrapped, Live Forever (1 hour)


  • This event is similar to Striped Candy Contest on Candy Crush Soda Saga because of the similar way to play.
  • This event used to appear every Thursdays-Mondays. It started on Thursdays at 0830 UTC and ended on Mondays at 0830 UTC.
    • Effective 28 April, 2018, this event no longer appears on Thursdays-Mondays. It seems to have been replaced by the event Space Contest.
  • Although this event itself has been discontinued, the Pudding Planet segment of Space Race can be considered to be equivalent to it, the minor difference being that the entry requires 50 points instead of only 10 points.


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