Booster striped and wrapped

Striped and Wrapped is a booster in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in level 35 on the web version and level 34 on the mobile version. When activated, a wrapped candy and striped candy will randomly spawn on the board at the start of the level (they can spawn next to each other).


Striped and Wrapped booster description

Mouse-over text on Striped and Wrapped booster

Old description: Start the game with a Wrapped and a Striped Candy!
Current description: Start the level with a Striped & Wrapped Candy!
Description on mobile devices (during promotion): Start the game with a Wrapped candy to blow up surrounding candies, and a Striped Candy to clear a whole line of candies!
Web description: Start your game with one Striped and one Wrapped Candy randomly placed on your game board.


  • If a player loses a level and the +5 moves dialog ("Oh No!") shows up, a player can buy boosters to continue. If that player fails to finish the level several times, +5 moves and the single striped candy booster will be purchasable for 13 gold bars.
    • Do not confuse it with a "Striped Candy" booster. This is a much weaker version of this booster; furthermore, this cannot be stocked.
    • The Striped and Wrapped booster first appears as a failure consolation offer at around the fifth consecutive failure.
  • This booster is winnable in the daily booster wheel and with the Sugar Drop Feature.
  • During HTML5's events, this booster may be described as "1 striped candy, 1 wrapped candy".


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