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Booster striped and wrapped

Striped and Wrapped is one of the boosters in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in level 35 on the web version and level 34 on the mobile version. When activated, a wrapped candy and striped candy will randomly spawn on the board at the start of the level (they can even spawn next to each other for a wrapped + striped combination).


Striped and Wrapped booster description

Mouse-over text on Striped and Wrapped booster

Old description: Start the game with a Wrapped and a Striped Candy!
Current description: Start the level with a Striped & Wrapped Candy!
Description on mobile devices (during promotion): Start the game with a Wrapped candy to blow up surrounding candies, and a Striped Candy to clear a whole line of candies!
Web description: Start your game with one Striped and one Wrapped Candy randomly placed on your game board.


The price is:

  • 9 gold bars for 3
  • 27 gold bars for 10
  • 49 gold bars for 20


  • If a player loses a level and the +5 moves dialog ("Oh No!") shows up, a player can buy boosters to continue. If that player fails to finish the level two times, +5 moves and the single striped candy booster will be purchasable for 16 gold bars.
    • Do not confuse it with a "Striped Candy" booster. This is a much weaker version of this booster; furthermore, this cannot be stocked.
    • The Striped and Wrapped booster first appears as a failure consolation offer at around the fifth consecutive failure.
  • This booster is winnable in the daily booster wheel and with the Sugar Drop Feature before its removal.
  • During HTML5's events, this booster may be described as "1 striped candy, 1 wrapped candy".