This page is about sugar chests in general. For one-layered sugar chests, see One-layered Sugar Chest.

A sugar chest renders candies and all other elements immune to any effects including matches unless unlocked with sugar keys. They currently can have up to five layers, therefore taking up to five keys to unlock. All levels of chests come into play in the 49th episode, Boneyard Bonanza


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 501 (unofficial)
Level 711 (official)
Level 7909

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.

Types of sugar chestsEdit

The first level with sugar chests, level 711, introduces one-layered to four-layered sugar chests.

  • One-layered Sugar Chest - These chests will occur in any level with sugar chests. These are the simplest chests and contain only a heart-shaped lock and keyhole and a purple lid. When one match involving a sugar key is made, the sugar chests break open.
  • Two-layered Sugar Chest - These chests consist of a crumbly biscuit layer that covers the keyhole, and requires two matches involving sugar keys to break open. After the first match, the crumbly biscuit layer will crack away, leaving the plain sugar chest.
  • Three-layered Sugar Chest - These chests consist of a layer of pink icing that makes the crumbly biscuit second layer invisible. The pink icing drapes down the sides of the chest. These chests require three matches involving sugar keys to open.
  • Four-layered Sugar Chest - These chests consist of a layer of thick red jam that covers the pink icing third layer (though the third layer is still visible). This layer doesn't drape down the sides as much. These chests require four matches involving sugar keys to open.
  • Five-layered Sugar Chest - The first level with such type of sugar chest is level 713. These chests contain the most layers of any sugar chest so far, and that's why they're the most difficult sugar chest of all. These consist of a layer of white icing that covers the jammy fourth layer (though not completely). This layer is spread over the top quarter of the chest. These chests require five matches involving sugar keys to open.


Five-layered Chest Degrader

Degradation process

Sugar chests are single-tiled blockers. Sugar chests are containers that contain certain locked-up items, such as ingredients, special candies, candy bombs or simply normal candies.

These blockers are entirely impervious to matching and special candies. The only way to remove this blocker is by making a match involving a sugar key, which can come from a candy cannon or be on the board at the start of the level. 

Once the match is made with a sugar key, the chest will lose one layer, releasing whatever it contains. In jelly levels, sugar chests are often used to cover squares of jelly, forcing the player to open the chests before the jelly can be cleared (even jelly fish can't eat jelly from under it, and will truly not go after jelly underneath a sugar chest). Ingredient levels may contain sugar chests that have ingredients locked in them, therefore the chests must be opened to free the ingredients. Sometimes, the chest is used as an obstacle. 

No points are given when a sugar chest is unlocked.

If any remaining sugar chests are locked during Sugar Crush, they will not open, unless keys fall, and are matched during the sugar crush process.

In later levels, sugar chests are used to surround chocolate spawners and magic mixers so that they can't activate until all sugar chests have been unlocked. This usually happens in levels where at least one of the spawners is needed to spawn the blocker that is required to be collected in the level. 

In much later levels, blockers eventually start to appear in sugar chests. Older levels have been redesigned to have blockers in sugar chests and newer levels that are not redesigned versions of older levels also feature blockers in sugar chests. All blockers are invincible until the chests they're in has been unlocked.

First appearancesEdit



  • The blocker before sugar chests, the toffee tornado, was introduced 20 episodes earlier in Soda Swamp. In between conveyor belts and candy frog were introduced, but they aren't considered to be blockers. This is no longer true as of now; as of 10/28/2015, the toffee tornado was officially removed from the game after numerous nerfs.
    • The next blocker would be cake bombs, 23 episodes earlier in Pudding Pagoda.
    • Sugar Chests are the most abundant in the 700s.
  • Some levels can have more than five sugar keys on the board. This, however, only opens more options to open up sugar chests, and once all five are used, they will function as normal candy.
  • There has never been a six-layered sugar chest, and the same applies to the multilayered frosting.
  • This blocker is supposedly made of sugar.
  • Depending on how many layers sugar chests have, once they lose a layer, they generate different sounds.
    • For sugar chests with three, four, or five layers, once a sugar key is matched, the chests will emit a sound similar to that found at the multilayered icing degradation process.
    • For sugar chests with two layers, they will generate a sound similar to a bite of a cookie, or a person stepping on gravel.
    • For sugar chests with one layer, the sound when sugar chests are destroyed is not defined yet.
  • Three levels (2391, 2472 and 2474) were redesigned to feature blockers in chests for the first time. This was before blockers in sugar chests appearing officially.
    • As of now, all types of icing, licorice swirls, chocolate, candy bombs, popcorn, magic mixers, chocolate spawners, bobbers, all types of waffles and dark chocolate have all appeared in sugar chests (in addition to most other elements). Only cake bombs have not appeared in sugar chests (most likely because they take up more than one space). Also, empty sugar chests can appear.
  • This is the only destructible blocker that can't be destroyed with regular matches or special candies. It can only be destroyed by relying on sugar keys.
  • Level 4053 marks the first time when sugar chests are completely indestructible since there are not enough keys on the starting board and keys don't spawn in this level.
  • Sugar chests first appear in rainbow rapids levels in level 7145. They can block the flow of the rainbow rapids, regardless of whether they have blockers, regular candies or are empty (the latter is seen in level 7169).
  • Sugar chests make up the numbers 038 to 042 in the tilemap code.
    • One-layered Chest: 038
    • Two-layered Chest: 039
    • Three-layered Chest: 040
    • Four-layered Chest: 041
    • Five-layered Chest: 042
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