Three-layered Sugar Coat

Sugar Coat is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in the 401st episode, Soda Soiree.


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 5991 Level 7365

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


  • The sugar coat encases elements, just like liquorice lock.
  • When it's matched with candies with not all of them being encased in sugar coats, one layer is reduced. If all candies matched are in sugar coats, except when those form a colour bomb, all of their layers will be removed.
  • The sugar coat is movable, despite being an encasing blocker.
  • An ingredient encased in a sugar coat cannot be collected.
  • Sugar coat cannons have a unique behaviour, compared to most candy cannons. Firstly, sugar coat cannons can spawn one-layered, two-layered or three-layered sugar coats depending on the level but the symbol on the cannon is always a three-layered sugar coat. Candy cannons that only spawn sugar coats will spawn regular candies encased in the designated sugar coat layer. Candy cannons that spawn sugar coats along with another element will give one of three possibilities:
    • Sugar coats (encasing regular candies) spawn separately from the other element(s) (seen with the ingredient + sugar coat cannon in Level 5993).
    • Sugar coats that spawn can encase both regular candies and the other element(s) that spawns from the candy cannon (seen with the striped candy + sugar coat cannon in level 5995).
    • Sugar coats will always spawn from the cannon encasing the candy cannon's other element(s) (seen with the lucky candy + sugar coat cannon in level 6005).

Notable levelsEdit

  • Level 5991 - First appearance of all three layers.
  • Level 5992 - First appearance of waffles encased in sugar coats.
  • Level 5993 - First appearance of ingredients encased in multilayered sugar coats. First time when sugar coats can spawn from cannons.
  • Level 5995 - First appearance of colour bombs encased in sugar coats.
  • Level 5998 - First appearance of ingredients in single-layered sugar coats.
  • Level 6001 - First appearance of licorice swirls encased in sugar coats.
  • Level 6014 - First appearance in crystals.
  • Level 6072 - First level where sugar coats can be spawned by magic mixers.
  • Level 6277 - First level where sugar coat layers are required for candy orders.
  • Level 6629 - First appearance of chameleon candies encased in sugar coats.
  • Level 7145 - First appearance in Rainbow Rapids levels.
  • TBA - First appearance in liquorice locks.
  • TBA - First appearance in marmalade.
  • TBA - First appearance in sugar chests.


  • This is the first encasing blocker that is movable, as well as the first encasing blocker that can spawn from candy cannons.
  • Sugar coats make up the numbers 134 to 137 in the tilemap code.
    • One-layered Sugar Coat: 134
    • Two-layered Sugar Coat: 135
    • Three-layered Sugar Coat: 136
    • Sugar Coat cannon: 137
  • Like Candy Frog, order for this item is not introduced in a pure candy order level. It's introduced in an order drop down mixed level, Level 6277.
  • Sugar coat layers have the order number '31'.
  • Currently, sugar coats can only encase movable elements.
  • Sugar coats can block rainbow rapids, as shown in level 7145.



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