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When player has completed the Level

When the player has completed the Sugar Crush

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Sugar Crush is an element in Candy Crush Saga which is triggered when a player completes the objectives of the level, for example when all the jelly is cleared in jelly levels and all the cascades have stopped.

When the level is complete, the voice will announce, "Sugar Crush!" and the same words appear on the screen. The sugar crush is a reward and a way to get extra points for every move you have remaining when the level is complete.

In moves levels, winning or losing is determined based on your score after Sugar Crush ends.

Normally what happens is that after the Sugar Crush is announced, all the special candies at the top left on the screen automatically activate. They then work their way to the right and down. The special candies go off in this order: Coconut wheel, UFO, wrapped candies, striped candies, colour bombs than other booster candies (jelly fish, lucky candy). All these are done in reading order (i.e. from left to right and top row to bottom row). Any new special candies formed during cascade will change the sequence. (i.e. There are only striped candies, but if a wrapped candy is made from the cascade, that wrapped candy will go off first after the same cascade.) Some of the special candies will be converted during the process.

  • On the Flash version, coconut wheels and UFOs will stay after all other processes. On HTML5 however, they are immediately processed before the next object activates.

If you have no moves remaining but still some special candies on the board, they will be removed during sugar crush. In moves levels, if you have no remaining moves and no special candies, there will not be any sugar crush at all. 

From version 1.115 onward on HTML5, Sugar Crush can be skipped after the first 10 seconds.

Web description[]

You need to collect a number of specified candies by removing them from the board (switching them out). If you run out of moves before collecting all of the required candies, you will fail the level.

Types of Sugar Crush[]

There are three different types of sugar crush. The type of sugar crush depends on the level type.

Sugar Crush on Facebook

A Sugar Crush in Level 70, with 6 moves left, a score of 88,888 points, and a target of 99,000 points. By the way, look at the digits in the score!!!

Level Type Sugar Crush Type
Moves Target score new.png Starting from 1.153, if the score had reached the "target value" (one-star value for new levels, two-star or three-star values for old levels without three stars, or highest score for old levels with three stars), it will happen immediately. After triggering all special candies, if there were remaining moves caused by the above conditions, they would be converted to striped candies.
Jelly Jelly new.png
Jelly Timed Mixed new.png
For every move remaining, three jellyfish swim onto the board and eat candy at random. A player gets 2,040 points for every fish that swims onto the screen (which scores more if it eats a candy bomb). In timed jelly levels, time is converted into jellyfish instead at a rate of three jellyfish for every 5 seconds remaining once the timer has stopped.
Ingredients Ingredient drop new.png
Candy Order Objective new.png
Mixed Mode Mixed new.png
The remaining moves will be converted into striped candies, which gives 6,000 points each before they are activated one by one.
Timed Timed new.png
Jelly Timed Mixed new.png
All extra time candies left on the board were converted into wrapped candies and would set off, giving 540 points each. During mixed levels with a time limit, this happened simultaneously to the time being converted into special candies for every 5 seconds remaining.

Super Sugar Crush[]

Level 3762 super sugar crush.png

In all level types except moves levels, if the player completes the objective of the level with no moves remaining (in other words, the player uses all moves given in a level), an event called Super Sugar Crush is triggered and blows out all candies, similar to the effect of the Party Popper Booster.

The blast yields points for special candies left on the board. 250 for each jelly fish and lucky candy, 500 for each striped candy, 1000 for each wrapped candy, 3000 for each coconut wheel, 5000 for each colour bomb and UFO. One layer of blocker is stripped away giving 40 points for any blocker affected. All cake bomb layers will be removed and activated the effect of cake bombs.


Level 581 during Sugar Crush. Watch the locked blue candy in the lower right corner.

  • The converting rate of remaining moves into striped candies is not 1:1. Specifically, you get roughly 4 striped candies for every 5 moves unused.
  • Striped candies converted from remaining moves can only be generated from common candies (including locked ones). Inboards full of candy bombs (mobile level 1132 for example), it is advised to use up the moves because there are only a few common candies to be converted.
  • While making a striped candy during gameplay makes some sound, the same sound also comes out during Sugar Crush of the web version, but not on mobile.
  • About the sequence of handling striped candies during sugar crush:
    • On the web version, it is resolved in stack order (who spawns last goes off first).
    • On the mobile version, it is resolved in reading order (from left to right, from top to bottom).
  • While special candies under marmalade remain untouched unless released, in the mobile version, a locked special candy will shake off the lock and detonate. One example is level 733, where, if you use boosters and keep the cornered colour bombs untouched, they will go off on their own.
    • This also applies to striped candies transformed from remaining moves during Sugar Crush, if it's generated from a locked candy.
  • On the web version, the calculation of fish points was once nerfed until the release of Fungi Forest where only some of the fish could award 1,020 points. While on a mobile device, the scoring is always the same (before v1.60).
  • On the web version, there was a bug with the timed level sugar crush. The score of the wrapped candies and any other points obtained through combinations is not recorded in your points, but your score still does go up, for example, if you had 10,000 when sugar crush was announced, after the conversion and combinations you could have gained 5,000 more points, but your score will still read 10,000. However, if the score for 1 star was 15,000 you will still win the level, despite the fact the score still reads only 10,000.
    • After the removal of timed levels, it no longer happens.
  • Some levels, such as 183, depend entirely on getting a high-scoring sugar crush, therefore beating the level in as few moves as possible.
  • On the web version, there was a glitch in Ingredients/Candy Order levels. If you have only one move left, in Sugar Crush you would get a striped candy but it would not be activated. This happened many times in the past, but it's rare now.
  • Previously, the mobile version had a different cascade mechanic where candies were matched immediately upon the settle, rather than waiting for the whole board to settle first. This mechanic is now applied to the sugar crush of both versions, while the standard gameplay uses the mechanic of the old web version.
  • This is a rare case: If a timed level gets no possible moves (in 159 for example), sugar crush will occur despite having remaining time. This results in a loss due to no more possible switches and does not allow the player to "play on" by paying gold.
  • For a short time on the mobile version, when the Sugar Crush message displayed, it was shown with two exclamation points, one after each word, like this: "Sugar! Crush!". This was fixed shortly after.
  • The name of this feature is similar to Sugar Crush in Candy Crush Jelly Saga, but the mechanic is different. For example, extra candy colours will be added in Candy Crush Jelly Saga if it goes on for too long.