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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but now got removed.

Sugar Track Icon

Sugar Drop was an element that was officially introduced in Candy Crush Saga in June 2015, with this announcement on's blog.

This feature allowed the player to win boosters by collecting a certain number of the eponymous sugar drop candies. Sugar drops can be collected in the latest level of player progress, as well as in specific levels denoted as Sugar Track levels. The feature was activated in rounds such that once you have collected all the rewards in one round, you must wait a certain amount of time before you can use the feature again.

The feature was removed from the game on 30 March 2020.

For all levels with sugar drops, see here.


Note: There were major changes after the release of Fungi Forest.

The Sugar Drops feature was first introduced on a trial basis on April 22, 2015 and remained in A/B/N testing for a few months, before being announced and rolled out to all players. They showed variations in features to test which version is suited best for players.

During pre-release stages, some users didn't have the feature, including some with advanced game progress. Users who did have the feature had different versions of it, with differences in the following areas:

  • Number of candies to collect per round (120, 240, 600)
  • Number of rewards (3 or 5)
  • Length of cool-down period between rounds (4, 8, 12 hours)
  • Ability to collect sugar drops from the same level more than once

The feature was significantly updated on the web interface with the release of the 66th episode, Soda Swamp. This release included the addition of information screens on the web, as well as changes to the reward screens.

On 28 February 2020, it was announced on the official community site that Sugar Drop and Candy Pet would be "taking a break," meaning that it was going to be removed from the game at least temporarily, possibly to be substituted by a comparable bonus. On 30 March it was formally removed. This update only affects the mobile/HTML5 platform; the Flash platform still fully supports the Sugar Drop feature until September 14, 2020, when it was removed too.

Sugar drops (candies)[]

SD Candy Colours
Regular candy on top and sugar drop candy of same type below

Regular green candy (top) compared to a green sugar drop (bottom).

Sugar drops had the properties of ordinary candies, but they had a white band imprinted with the letter "C". Sugar drops could be collected to get rewards.

These candies was created in special sugar track levels, as well as in the current level of progress, but was not truly "spawned" onto the board. Instead, when the user or a conveyor belt generated a cascade of 5 or more matches, such that Mr. Toffee could be heard saying, "Sweet", "Tasty", "Delicious", and "Divine", a stream of sparkles arc from the centre of the board, and changed the standard candy at random into a sugar drop.

SD Web SugarDropForms

A sugar drop is created after a cascade (PC)

One sugar drop was created regardless of the size of the cascade. Cascades created in between moves, such as by the movement of a conveyor belt, a party popper from cake bomb, could also cause sugar drops to be created. Cascades during Sugar Crush do not create sugar drops, however.

When sugar drops are matched, they go into the collection jar.

Note that an already formed sugar drop couldn’t be converted by anything else, such as colour bomb + striped candy combination.

  • The jelly fish spawned from bobber tend to swim to sugar drops if there wasn’t any jelly, ingredients, striped and wrapped candy left.
  • On the mobile version, this combination Will activate the sugar drops of the same colour and collect them. On the web version, they stay put.

Current level of progress[]

Track progress

Your latest progress always gives drops.

Track timed

...unless it's a Timed level on mobile.

The latest level of your progress Would always give sugar drops once per game, whether or not it is on the Sugar Track, unless it's a Timed Level (which is deprecated) on mobile. You Would be able to collect sugar drops from your current level of progress just like a standard track level. When you have moved to a new level, the feature will be activated on that level. The current level of progress was displayed on the map with a Sugar Track level icon.
Now, there are no timed levels, so the above exception can never apply.
However, if you have failed the progress level, this feature Would be disabled, until the player wins a previous Sugar Track level, or restarts the game.
After completing an episode, the Sugar Track levels of that episode enable the feature again.
Note that if you have completed an episode but get stuck due to checkpoint or no more new levels, the final level was not counted as your current progress.

Sugar Track levels[]


Please note that this section details the behaviour of those levels which are on the Sugar Track. The activation and deactivation characteristics herein do not apply to the current episode of progress.

Sugar Drop jelly level (mobile devices)

Sugar Track level icon on mobile

Sugar Track level icon on web interface

Sugar track levels were shown on the map with a large icon with the letter "C" in a ring, when the Sugar Drop feature was active. These levels spawn sugar drop candies which the player can collect to obtain gifts. Sugar track levels can usually be played only once per round, after which, they are deactivated for the remainder of the round. However, when the player completes a sugar track level without collecting any sugar drops, they may be able to play the level and collect drops again. Additionally, when a player earns a reward, the last sugar track level played may often be played again. Some of these apparent inconsistencies may be due to program defects.


When you click on a sugar track level to play it, a progress bar was shown, indicating the number of candies you had collected thus far, and the number needed for the next reward.

Sugar Drop-locked

The grayed out progress bar

On non-sugar track levels, the progress bar was shown, but it was grayed out. This was one way to tell if a sugar track level has been de-activated when you fail a level and click retry to play it again. Another method is to check the progress bar after playing a level, where the bar may gray out, indicating that no more drops will be available here.

There are three sugar track levels per episode, starting with the fourth episode, Chocolate Mountains. The first sugar drop level is Level 36. There are sugar track levels of all level types, and in the full range of difficulty from very easy to nearly impossible.

Please note that timed sugar track levels were enabled on the web version only, not on mobile.

On the mobile version, if the level chosen in mystery quests happens to be a sugar track level, you Would Be able tocollect sugar drops just as if you are choosing that level directly on the map. You cannot collect again if you have collected even a single sugar drop in one of your attempts, even if you failed the level, but this can be thwarted if you quit the application.

Collection jar[]

Sugar Drop Jar

On the web version, the collection jar was located below the objective list (ingredients, orders, etc.). On mobile, it was located in the same position as the moon scale in Dreamworld.

During play, sugar drop candies matched were collected in the jar. The number of candies collected was displayed on the jar. At the end of the level, whether you pass it or not, the sugar drops from the collection jar get added to the total needed for the next reward. One must go to the Level cleared or failure screen to collect them.

Typically, the player was credited with one sugar drop for every one collected. However, for some reason, web version players Would earn a double amount of drops if they manage to pass the level. For example, one plays level 66on the web version, collects 46 drops and beats the level, his/her collection will be added by 92, which can result in gaining three rewards.

An update in mid-January 2020 added a limit of up to 5 sugar drops able to appear per level. This change was reversed a month later in a mid-February 2020 update.

Claiming rewards[]

Drop Reward V4 mobile

One possible outcome of claiming all 5 rewards together. (Mobile v1.62.1, feature v4)

Sugar Drop (having quantity)

In most of the versions, the player is forced to move to the reward screen after ending a level. A temporal update from November 2019 to December 2019 allowed players to claim rewards anytime they want, from the top of the power-up tab.

At the reward screen, the sugar drops are poured from the collection jar into a mechanical contraption, which mixes them up. A gift box then pops out, and instantly opens to show the boosters won, but you must press the Claim reward button to add these to your supply of boosters. The next screen confirms the boosters have been added. You must then press the Sweet! button to resume gameplay.

If you have more than one set of rewards to be claimed (either by collecting enough drops for multiple rewards, or by a mobile device being offline during collection), all rewards will be claimed together.

On the mobile version, you must connect to the internet to claim rewards. Otherwise, the gift box will not open.

Known issues[]

  • Sometimes the present doesn't open even though the Claim reward button lights up.
  • On mobile, if the connection is bad, sometimes the present does not open immediately, but when the connection has been repaired, the contents will still be added to your inventory.


  • A total of five rewards are issued, after 24, 60, 84, 120 and 180 candies respectively.
    • Before the release of Fungi Forest, the pattern was 48, 164, 264, 420 and 600, which was still applied to some of the players longer than expected.
  • Known rewards include the following boosters: lollipop hammer, jelly fish, colour bomb, coconut wheel, free switch, striped and wrapped, and lucky candy (must be unlocked first), and gold bars. Starting boosters on mobile may come in a timed form.
  • The types of rewards received are random, and may not be related to the tier or the reward program.

Cool-down period[]

Sugar Drop cool-down

Cool-down timer

Countdown cool-down Sugar Drop

Countdown animation

Once the final reward of the round has been claimed, the Sugar Drop feature is deactivated. Currently, the cooldown is 8 hours, although there were variations in previous releases. During this time, the sugar drop section in the power-up tab displays a timer indicating the amount of time remaining before the feature was reactivated. The cool-down period syncs between web versions and mobile devices (when connected to the internet).

If you have collected too many drops beyond the final reward, those drops Would be kept for the next track, but only up to one less than the requirement of the first reward.

On mobile, sugar track levels was still indicated by larger icons during cool-down. There was a notification message if the application is running when the cool-down is over. You also need to connect to the internet when the cool-down is over, to reactivate previous sugar track levels.


Many people opposed with the removal of the sugar track. Please vote if you want it back or not.


  • This feature was introduced prematurely on the teaser video of level 906 one day before the official release of the 62nd episode, Polka Park.
  • This feature was officially introduced when the 44th Dreamworld episode, Nocturnal Nuisance was released.
  • This was the first new feature to be introduced since the UFO in Gummy Galaxy. The next new feature after this one is locked chocolate, introduced in Siberian Sorbet.
  • This feature is only available in Reality. In Dreamworld, there are no levels that have this feature.
    • A glitch may cause sugar drops to spawn in Dreamworld, but they cannot be collected.
  • On mobile, you can collect sugar drops at any time, however, you must connect to the Internet to claim rewards. As such, the cool-down will not be activated as long as you have rewards unclaimed.
    • As of mobile 1.60, the reward box will be reserved until you connect and claim. If there is more than one set of rewards, they will stack and you can claim them altogether.
      • If one of the rewards has more than 3 copies, it will be shown as two icons.
    • Also since mobile 1.60, the cool-down did not activate if the application was not running. However, if one connected to the internet, the cool-down would be adjusted to the correct value. In v1.72, this behavior was fixed.
  • In the first version of the reward screen, Tiffi showed different emotions on PC than she did on the mobile version.
  • On mobile (as of 1.52.2), there is a glitch whereby the counter on the collection jar keeps showing zero. This does not affect the sugar drops you have truly collected and only affects if you are playing the first sugar drop level every time you open the game. This was fixed later.
  • On mobile, the introduction screen doesn't show timed levels, as they never give sugar drops. The left icon has been replaced with an icon for candy order levels.
  • If you have many computers around, with the same sign-in account, you can get many reward times for each stage reward.
  • Although the blog post states the rewards as "from boosters to lives and everything in between", it's not possible to earn extra lives from Sugar Track.
  • This is a rare occurrence: If the board has no standard candies after cascades, no sugar drop will be generated. One example is level 1132 where candy bombs flood the board and no standard candies will respawn. Another example is level 1394 which the board contains only candy bombs.
  • You can still collect Sugar Drops when offline, but you can only collect the rewards when online.
  • On mobile v1.76.0, the feature disappeared for no reason. It was corrected in v1.76.1.
    • However, since v1.94.0(?), this feature disappeared again on some devices.
  • This feature was removed completely from the Flash version on September 14, 2020.



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