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Super Hard levels, also called thunderstorm levels, are levels officially marked to be a very difficult level by King. They are a proper subset of hexagon levels. It is usually the most difficult level in a given episode, as each episode is limited to one thunderstorm level.

They were introduced on mobile (HTML5) on February 2017. As part of the HTML5 re-brand, they were introduced in Facebook on 28 June 2017.

The level type color is hidden and changed to dark blue, which is ringed by a gold skull and a thundercloud above it. No Dreamworld levels are thunderstorm levels since it had been removed on mobile by the time thunderstorm levels were introduced.

Like hexagon levels, the list of super hard levels is dynamic and are usually updated at a weekly basis.

However, just like any other hard level, not all super hard levels are usually the hardest. Examples are 395 (rated somewhat easy) and 1600 (rated medium).

See the full list of super hard levels.


  • Since June 2018, Tiffi is dressed like a viking.
  • As of May 2020, each episode has a nightmarishly hard level, a super hard level or neither, but never both.

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