Not to be confused with Tasty Treasury or Tasty Treasurer.

Tasty Treasure is an event that occurs on both Flash and HTML5 version.

Tasty Treasure icon

Icon for web version

The goal of this event is to complete three different levels featured in this event to obtain a pack of boosters.

  • For mobile version, all levels are using the background of Candy Town.
    • For web version however, there is a special background not used in any episode.
  • For mobile version, the third starting booster (jelly fish and so on) cannot be used regardless of level type.
    • For web version without the alternate booster screen, you cannot use any starting booster.
  • Note that most levels in Tasty Treasure are difficult.
  • Reward list: 1 each of colour bomb, striped and wrapped, lollipop hammer, jelly fish, coconut wheel, and live forever (2 hours, only on mobile) / lucky candy + free switch (only on web).


Flash version
HTML5 version

15-16 August 2015
11-12 November 2015
15-16 November 2015
28-29 January 2016 (Web Version)
Unknown. Probably a beta test for some users.
2-3 February 2016 (Web Version)
18-20 February 2016 (Web Version)
26-28 February 2016 (Web Version)

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