Teleporter is a secondary element in Candy Crush Saga. It is officially introduced in level 66 (Level 9 unofficially due to the redesign) in the 6th episode Easter Bunny Hills.


Teleporter Entry
Teleporter Exit

Teleporters are used to transport candies and falling blockers from one area to another. There are two types of teleporters, which are dependent on each other. The blue circle is where candies and movable blockers go through and the pink circle is where they come out.

Sometimes, a teleporter exit is placed at the same location with a spawning point. In this case, the teleporter will ensure up to one item to pass, unless the spawning point has created enough items in that move.


See this page for levels with this element.


  • Level 137 and the original level 323 are the most confusing levels with teleporters.
  • Level 1100 is the first level whose teleporters are not located on the nearby empty tiles on the board.
  • So far there are only two-way teleporters. In the future, there could be three-way teleporters.
    • However, conveyor belts are considered to have teleporters. They are often called as conveyor portals.
  • After Raspberry Races episode was released, candies going over the teleporters become slower. However, mobile devices do not change.
  • Teleporters have the tilemap codes 012 and 013 (entry and exit, respectively).
  • As of, teleporters have a new design.


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